The King of All Media Brain-Enemas !


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The King of All Media Brain-Enemas !

( work-in-progress )

An open letter to Stephen Colbert and any part of his CBS team that still has a spine …

Hell No Motherfuckers !

No chance in hell you are going to get away with this sycophantic schmoozefest interview with the Shock Jock Jack Ass Howard Stern ( on May 21 ), without the XLterrestrials giving it a thorough and grilling media analysis report !

Howard Stern is the guy who said on his morning show the morning after 9/11 :
” All I know is I want to bomb terrorist countries ! ”
And advertised that same day for people to go out to Golden Palace Casinos, and go see if the strippers were still working that day, to help get over their depression.

Well actually we would have liked to hear what he thinks now about the 1,000,000+ murdered + sacrificed in the Middle east wars FOR OIL and for a theater of global dominance, and if he had any regrets about pumping the American psyche with a blood-thirst for vengeance on whoever is convenient. Iraq, btw, was entirely the wrong country to blame, as we all well-know now, unless of course you’re as dense and/or as opportunist as Howard-fucking-Stern ! The Leni Riefenstahl crooner for the Bush, Obama and Trumpy Homelands—  and all those Heavy Dudes, i.e. a whole lot of White Supremacists !

We would have liked to have someone with guts to ask him to his face if he felt culpable for building up a Trumpland base all these years?!

And Howard who said, ” The closest i ever came to having sex with a black woman was masturbating to a picture of Aunt Jemima.”

On the Late Nite show, Stern avoids every possible topic that would be worth discussing about his slimy + narcissistic + demented career and how he built his media empire ( now a major media mogul with SIRIUS XM ) … and Colbert gives him all the space he could ever want to babble his useless nonsense.  And he tells us like a good boy, how he desired to make his mom and dad proud. Awww how sweet, and help cure his mom’s depression. It seems it might not have dawned on him yet that she might have been in that state, because her son became such a shameless, disgusting human being – and a well-known public disgrace – which produced such devastating real-world impacts on culture and society ! …  At one point in his interview with Colbert, he says patheticly, incredulously that his freak-buddy and FREQUENT GUEST Trump shouldn’t have become president, he should have just kept having FUN at Mar-a-Lago… Colbert just sat there with an infatuated and fawning smile.

This was the kind of FUN Trump was having already in the 80s :




So, we would have liked to have him answer some questions perhaps from the Central Park – the 5 black kids who were railroaded + wrongly convicted for a rape in NYC in 1989. The teenagers about whom D.Trump published a full page “lynching ad” in the NYT to get them, and who spent many years in prison, until their innocence was finally proven.

We would like to ask Howard what he thought about his pal Trump back then, and what he thinks of his racism and white supremacist policies NOW ! About putting immigrant kids in cages ? About helping install a supreme court that could overturn Roe vs. Wade. Etc…

And maybe ask him how many people he thinks the Slumlord + real-estate speculating Trump family made homeless in NYC all these years ?!

Howard Stern, who has spewed his syndicated brain farts to over 22+ millions ( at peak ), full of sexist-ridden Dude jokes… and a whole shop of behavioral + idiotic horrors, we won’t take time to catalogue here.

And we’d like to ask him what he thinks about the 20 or so women who have accused Trump of harrassment and/or sexual abuse, or his ex-wife who accused him of rape ! And ask why he EVER thought it was a good idea to give this ass-wipe, KKK-friendly, Trump Dude a media platform !

Hey and Btw, how many times a year does Stern himself go to party + network with the OLD BOY NETWORK / gang at Mar-A-Lago !?

Does Howard have ANY REGRETS or REMORSE spending the last 4 decades of not “ENTERTAINING US” ( Colbert ), but POURING GASOLINE on that whole infantile, festering and fascistic Trumpland Psyche !

AND what does he think about the pathological mentality that now rules over the county… driven by rabid + ruthless, winner-take-all neo-liberalism?

Of course it’s definitely not all about Trump ! It’s also very much about RICH PRIVILEGED ASSHOLES like Stern !

So, What does he think now about the whole bi-partisan Krapitalist system producing shocking inequalities while he sits in his $52 million-dollar palace in Palm Beach… after having cashed-in on his monstrous media gaming of the mass-manipulated public !?

We’d like to ask him what he thinks about IMPEACHMENT… and if not, why not ? We’d like to hear what he thinks about Ilhan Omar and AOC ? … and the Green New Deal? … and if he’s ever discussed them on his show ? …  or defended them ? … and if not, why not ?!

And we’d like to ask YOU Stephen Colbert:
Do you maybe feel sick to your stomach helping this gutter libertarian, below-the-belt media celeb scumbag + profiteer + opportunist to sell another one of his selfie- books in the midst of the one of the most terrifying political and planetary crises human civilization has perhaps ever experienced ?!!

Stephen, perhaps you could still redeem yourself by making a radical transformation on your show and having someone on who has actually studies media in depth !  Someone who can tell us what damage the corporate media is dong to the mass psychology of am entire country … and the planet  …. you know, someone who has actually read a book from someone other than an enema- brained, navel-gazing, dickhead celebrity. Someone who knows the Frankfurt School perhaps, those critical theorists who spent their entire lives warning us about the Culture Industry and Fascism !

And really Stephen, Do you think IF Stern just had Shillary ( we came, we saw, we conquered ) on as a guest of his moron-loving program, it would have changed much in the last election ( or the course of the nation much ) when everyone was already so primed and pumped up for all this warmongering and divisive bullshit the corporate media ( and its military industrial complex sponsors ) has been shoveling down our throats all these years !? Well, it’s a stupid question; of course you don’t believe it ! The question is really: WHY are you now willing to stoop so low to join the club of Shock Jock Stoogedom !?

When are we really gonna start raising the collective intelligence with these media platforms!? and all these communication and technological tools ?… Or are you just gonna go down that same old Military Entertainment Complex road and boost those ratings and collect your checks, while our planet goes up in flames !??


The XLterrestrials have some resources for you, if you wanna make the upgrades !

to be cont.


” In the 21st Century over-connected and technology- skewered culture… when THE MEDIA FAILS, it REALLY REALLY DISGUSTINGLY FAILS ! … Weird Tales Lesson #666666: As P.K.D. Barnum once said : there’s a blood- sucker born every minute ! … “

- XLt psychomedia analyst

Stay tune, this is just the beginning !

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