#RP19’s “tl;dr” is cute, but where’s the literate resistance ?!



- foto from the recent Neurotitan Galerie show “War – Does Not Equal – Peace “-


A_Digital_Feast_in_Time_of_Plague ( a Pushkin remix* )

As George Monbiot recently unleashed on Frank Boyle’s UK BBC show re: Climate Breakdown + The New World Order  “We can’t just be pissing around the edges of the problem… We’ve gotta go straight to the heart of capitalism; and overthrow it…” We can all have different versions of what that means and how, but we cannot deny the gravity of the situations. These are dark and unstable times !

Things are equally as grave in the digital culture realm: it’s currently overfeeding the corporate monsters, fueling the most outrageous populist idiots + manipulators, enabling authoritarianism, devastating livelihoods, consolidating wealth, installing a nightmarish central (and/or transnational liquid) panoptic command… and expanding techno-fascism + the resource wars !


And what does Re-publica do ? It adds another German car company to its list of sponsors… well done ! Genius ! Daring !

That’s not only pissing around the edges of the problem, it’s taking a mighty slick shit in the digital pool ! … And we suppose they’ll be hosting some dance parties inbetween, and floating some smiley balloons with corporate and/or start-up logos, perhaps with surveillance cameras attached to take somnambulist crowd-selfies, as the chillin firedog meme repeats “It’s fine!” .


We’ve got a long list of grievances about the technotopian core of re.publica, since it’s very beginnings in the blog-hype-fog phase … because it began as naive and privileged nerd-dom and has inflammated to the size of a pus-filled boil on the face of Europe’s vision for the future… Let’s call it the “Eurovision of Survelliance Capitalism” !  … And pay no attention to that Blob-sized leech behind the curtain !


- foto: from the 1958 horror The Blob, back when the threat that would eat the world was just a soft + silly analog thing from a Cold War outerspace -

- Some preliminary Kiez Notes -

( we haven’t scoured thoroughly through its fluffy program, but not yet found anything substantial on these HOT topics below… )

In order to analyze what’s wrong with #RP00, rather than cut thru its mediocre and/or cheerleading swamp of all-things-digital… it will be a sharper angle to see what it omits for BIG STORIES in its “coverage” ( teppich? ).  Just like corporate mass media + MSM outlets fail in informing the public about real and present  issues/dangers, by avoiding the elephants in the room, and all the root causes of our troubles, and not challenging them head-on !

An XLT list of possible priorities :

1. Why is there nothing in the program about Chelsea Manning in prison ?! ( or Assange or Bini for that matter, as complex stories as they are ). Seems she was trendy hot and use-able last year, but not when she’s in deep trouble !? One of the signs that Re-publica isn’t too daring when it comes to the complex realities and powers struggles. Where’s the solidarity ?! Guess they won’t be getting any Tech CEOs to speak up with spine intact on THat !

2. Nothing about “Surveillance Capitalism” – Shoshana Zuboff’s analysis is clearly one of the biggest bits of research + analysis to hit the shelves this year in terms of where we’re at in the totally broken technosphere.

Added / correction: Day2 – Stage 3 -15:00 – 15:30 : Dark side of your digital profile (or: how did it happen that we lost control?) with Katarzyna Szymielewicz … is analyzing S-Capitalism …

BUT not a stage w/ live stream ! And the write-up of the session fails to mention up front the names of those who invented + implement + suck your data on a 24/7 global scale. And Btw, is Google still allowed to have a booth on the trade show floor at #rp19 ?! )

3. Why didn’t RP invite any of the neighborhood groups who spent the last 2 years fighting off the Goo(gle) in Kreuzberg ?! Another sign that RP is too busy schmoozing with power players and doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers ! RPoo wouldn’t know a local ( tech + gentrification ) struggle if it was right under their noses… and it is… Berlin is under siege ! … And Tech Capital is bringing massive upheavals ! …  But RP are apparently very happy campers in the corporate-sponsored gatekeeper clouds,

4. Nothing about Carole Cadwalladr’s brilliant + bold investigations into Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and Goo… She just dropped the most disruptive TED talk ever in Vancouver and revealed how democracy is being destroyed by S-valley and its monopolization + corruption of our communication channels. Social Media is rotten, and RP00 is still plugging for it like suckers for the Cybernetic Regime / End-Net-Times. And has no guts for seriously challenging the tech titans in any meaningful way ! RP00 was never on the cutting-edge of resistance culture and hacker scenes, as much as it would like to pretend it’s one of em and/or down with the cause !

5. The Bitsundbaume.org conf. at TU in collaboration with many groups ( CCC; GermanWatch, etc. ) was one of the most important digital culture events in Berlin ( or anywhere ) in 2018. It finally ( it only took CCC 35 years ) linked the tech sector in a serious way to our ECOLOGICAL problems, and those which are accelerating due to our civilization’s consumer fetish for Futurism Inc. and the military industrial complex-invested technospheres !

6.… more to come…


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