the Really Really Spring XLt Radar v.3: All In … Rebellion !


The 1st of May circus has drifted so far away from its original meanings + intent, perhaps it’s time again to play our cards far outside the box … that flimsy cardboard container that got flattened and stuffed into an overfilled recycle bin… but the workers, the makers, the people… and all our acts of solidarity… we are all still here … our passions, our rights, our dreams, all still ripe as ever to rise !

So a little poke in the eye …. of the storm…


“Who knows, maybe people gonna party like it’s 1919 today… !? “- XLt analyst


Spring XLt Radar v.3 :

< April 29 > 50 Years of Busen Attentat ( Overture + Schizo ), Roter Salon

< April 29May 1 > Cinema in Times Of Catastrophe, ( FB invite )

< April 30May 2 > “Die Abfahrt” – Drinnen & Draußen ( Fb Invite )

< May 1st > 1. Mai in Grünewald, at S-Bahn Grünewald, 13-17h ( FB invite )

< May 1st > Everywhere !

< May 2 > We Are All Assange ! Solidarity For Journalists, Hosted by DIEM25 w/Angela Richter, Whistleblower Network chairman Annegret Falter, biologist and founder of EcoLeaks Esteban Servat, and Srecko Horvat- at Brandenburger Tor, 12:00h

< May 3 > DIEM25 BarCamp : Technological Sovereignty at C-base

All day, workshops, presentations, discussions… evening film screening of “Codenaut” ( 2019 )

< May 2-5 > Radical Film Network: What is Radical Film? at Silent Green ( FB invite )

Excerpt: Continuing the spirit in which the Radical Film Network (RFN) was founded, the first RADICAL FILM NETWORK MEETING in Berlin aims to create a temporary space with the intention of initiating open exchange and dialogue between actors of the Radical Film Network, Berlin filmmakers and cultural practitioners. It will bring together activists, academics, filmmakers and artists in Berlin to jointly answer the question, “What is radical film?“.

to be cont.


Our own XLterrestrial 2cents: Until tactical tech ( +media ) takes on more of on-the-ground ecological + agricultural + urban/municipalities situations as urgent + primary sovereignty factors, we will likely see an accelerated desertification of our society, habitat and humanity.

Much more to be said there, but we’re on the run…

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