the Really Really Spring XLt Radar v.2: Sit-Ins, Die-Ins, All In… Rebellion !


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XLt Radar V.2 – Sit-Ins, Die-Ins, All In… Rebellion !

April 25th, 2019

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Extinction Rebellion – the non-violent protest movement to awaken all of us to the urgencies and need to act in response to climate breakdown + the looming threats/realities of a 6th Mass Extinction -  is growing fast !

There will be a number of actions happening all over the world 2morw April 26th ! #FridaysForFuture + #ExtinctionRebellion …both ! … it’s impossible to keep track of all the sprouting chapters … or have a full overview … or measure the impacts on the general public… or on political institutions…

But it feels very Very BIG ! … finally a pretty all-inclusive format… for undoing our current political paralysis !


In our Btropolis, Berlin…  there will be a critical mass-style bike ride on Friday ( at 15:30h beginning at the Marx-Engels Forum ( the park just across the river from the new Berliner Stadt(-Shite-)Schloss, former Palast Der Republik ), a mass die-in on Saturday at Gendarmenmarkt ( noon ) + performances … and on Monday an action happening in front of the Kanzleramt  (17:00h ) to address EU/Brasil trade, and to call for saving the Amazon from the Bozonaro machine, perhaps by calling for sanctions or an economic boycott of sorts.

There are no shortage of ecological issues to fight for, and the grassroots structure of the movement leaves no shortage ( and no ceiling ) of ideas… Anyone can bring some to their local meetings… And one can only imagine this is all going to expand as more and more people become aware of it and its open public assembly nature.

For anyone getting negative impressions or cynical analysis from whatever corporate media outlets and online ( social media ) glimpses… don’t let them sink in … go see + experience it for yourself ! And if for some reason you think the actions could take on some better forms… show up at your local meeting groups and propose something !

Here in Btropolis, we have to admit we are pretty spoiled. There are excellent organizers and communicators, experienced legal and press teams, a generational diversity, gender diversity… and, ok cultural diversity ( i.e. diverser contexts, i.e. refugees, global south ) could be a bit better ! …

The flow of the process, the plenums have been impressive ! Everything seems to be unfolding like an organic team that knows how to play the (serious + grounded ) game, and is feeling confident that it can raise the bar for motivating a public to rethink our entire social organizations ! … and the feeling is contagious ! And against the cruel and sad backdrop of political institutions in their absurdly helpless rigamortis and incompetence, it’s almost like a task made easy by an opponent that hasn’t done its homework, has no new moves nor any inspired vision … in decades… if ever.

Ok, there may be flaws, and errors … similarities at times to Occupy or the Anti-war movement or the anti-globalization mov…. which could potentially arrive at enough of agreed-upon points, align the people and/or the minorities together for some actions, but not penetrate the power structures. And there are moments when one can doubt the strategies… there’s plenty of room for debate. We should all know that, by now. We have probably the biggest challenges of our lives before us… and there are tears flowing, knowing all that we have already lost… or from feeling overwhelmed by it all. But here are local spaces ( and an international network ) forming to come figure it out together face-to-face. Conflicts will arise, but when the whole planet and our present and future habitat are in peril, we may find it’ll be preferable to put our differences aside to keep this new political space / vessel intact. And willing to experiment on-the-fly !

Taking action now in whatever forms or scales we are ready to take on ( individually, personally, collectively ) … is empowering ! … It is so much more energizing than beating a retreat, or sinking into one’s solitary melancholy, defeatism, rifts. It’s the medicine we all need, to be part of community … fighting for a new life, a reclaimed humanity, and a solidarity with all our fellow species !

If you find this laughably over-optimistic, that’s fine … have a laugh, breathe it in… and then… let’s get to work  !


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There are some important critiques arising in regards to the origins of Extinction Rebellion….  and the recent ( attempted?) “alignment” with Green Capital business leaders, who initiated an “XR business” coalition ( and website ) with ER in the UK … We say “attempted” because there are statements coming from various chapters to challenge (and distance themselves from this alignment )… incl. Germany and France. This is a good sign that various decentralized groups will be able to develop their own approaches… And react to any possible “hijackings” or “co-optations” of a movement… or weakening strains… or misdirection… OR as the case may be, even to break away from its co-founders’ flawed origins, IF they are seen as such.

Note: This is written hastily, and our wording may not be as precise as needed in this delicate matter/moment. And it IS a very complex problem that will need further analyzing… Which of course you are also welcome to do… and to feedback here, on our XLterrestrials wordpress page.

Ultimately, this will also open up the can-of-worms + debates around various strategies… And poses questions as to whether ER is attempting to go for a broad-reach “critical mass” environmental movement, or be on the frontlines of radical interventions, or exist somewhere in the gray zones inbetween. Or perhaps it will be all of the above depending on what local chapters will decide what to do. We might find that this latter possibility could be a formula that provides an amorphous organism that can respond to different situations and provide a diversity of tactics, and offer multiple entry levels for people at different stages ( and risk-taking levels ) in one’s own community activist inputs/outputs.

For now, we provide links to those who have begun to warn, investigate and comment on the controversies:


to be cont.

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