2 or 3 Mega-News-bytes: ExRe + The Church of Silicon Valley, On FIRE !


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Two or Three mega-news-bytes:

1. Extinction Rebellion

2. Carole Cadwalladr exposes the Surveillance Capitalism’s squirming underbellies


3. So What Comes After The Bizarre Mueller Report ?!

XLt analysis coming soon !

While we draw up a few connecting dots, and a little glimpse into the inspiring new form of tactical rebellion…

Have a look at Carole Cadwalladr’s TED talk, it’s like finding a real live scumbag network in action and dragging it into the light. Will the Brexit referendum go down as an illegal and invalid sham election ?!  Note: we are not fans of TED ( and O’Reilly greasing the wheels of technodystopia ), but it’s like watching the Church of Silicon Valley ON FIRE.

to be cont.

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