The XLt Guide to JA’s Arrest + WikiLeaks + War Crimes


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The XLT Guide to JA + WikiLeaks + War Crimes

April 11th, 2019 – Julian Assange is dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy by civi-clothed Metropolitan Police in London, carrying a copy of Gore Vidal’s  “History of the National Security State” ( 2014 ).

To this date, no one has been indicted or prosecuted in an international criminal court for the illegal war in Iraq, for torture, nor for military personnel shooting/bombing reporters, civilians, women + children and the already- wounded. Unambiguous evidence, all of which exists in the “Collateral Murder” video ( footage which was captured by the US military cameras from over a kilometer away, and then honorably leaked by Manning), was published by Wikileaks on April 5th, 2010.  Of course military and state courts have numerous methods of dodging these incriminating facts in their own courts. But by using new technological tools and new media strategies, Wikileaks made it possible for millions of people to watch the brutal and asymmetric viciousness of 21st century-style wars of aggression by the world’s most powerful military.

What forms of “gunship spectacle fire” from above will now be unleashed to shoot the messenger over and over and over again, to control + steer + reign-in the new playing fields of net + media territories,  and to ignore and distract from the real + urgent issues ? … And what long dragged-out media circus sequels will be used to flood our already over-saturated and online-tethered brains … to distract from those actual tools and methods that can empower the people in these dangerous times, when sick + sinister figures operate at the highest levels of those omnipresent governing forces ? And corporate krapitalist media does its spineless and coweringly best to cover for them !

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Let’s back up a little…

Student Protest



We are in a whole new phase of the Mass Mediations. And we will have to think more radically in how we now navigate the Digital Culture environments that are now entirely weaponized as a corporate+military cesspool of Surveillance Krapitalism.

Wikileaks came along and changed the game for a little while, perhaps in a comparable way that Tute Bianche came up with “”novel ways”" to protest in the streets. It is a viable thing to implement still now… Secure drops ( like the Panama Papers ) may still play out… but they will certainly no longer have any elements of surprise, and corporate media has myriad ways to diffuse and twist any shocking new leaks, even if we want to entertain the idea that substantial shock is still possible via news items  in the new dizzying daily levels of perpetually screened nausea.

An interesting comment on Nettime mentions that millions saw the horrors of Iraq, but unlike say the Vietnam era… outrage and any mobilized reactions had little impacts on the ruling power.

So … what now ?!

Solidarity for all journalists  ( and various cultures of resistance ) for sure… but what is to come for our offensive game ?!



to be cont.


In the meantime…

Suggested RESOURCES:

1. Jonathan Cook on the 7 Years of Lies

2.Caitlin Johnstone on How to be Certain that the US Charge is Fraudulent…..

3. The quick legal low down ( unsealed charges ) via Just Security + ExBerliner….

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5. Slavoj Zizek ( Let 100 WL bloom ! ) ……

6. An interesting backround analysis/debate from c.2011 via Metamute betw. Florian Cramer and Ted Byfield on what Wikileaks was attempting to achieve, successfully or not?…10-reasons-and-against


Fortunately there IS SOME GOOD NEWS… Embassy cat’s lawyers have assured us that cats cannot not be extradited by any warmonger state’s laws !




# FreeOlaBini

( Bini was illegally detained in Ecuador 4 days ago, with… very unclear charges ?… )


( w/ David Harvey in the foreground )

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