XLt Spring-At-Last Radar v.o1: The Time is Ripe for….


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April 4-7 : ADM Subkultur Festival + Benefit, at Urban Spree

April 6 : CiTiZEN KiNO #78 – sneak preview – at Urban Spree, 19h

April 6 : MIETEN WAHNSINN ! Rising Rents + Housing Crisis Demo, Alexanderplatz
at 12h

April 11 : CiTiZEN KiNO #78: World PREMIERE, Club der Polnischen
Versager, 20h

Every FRIDAY : #FridaysForFuture, at Invaliden Park in Berlin ( and everywhere )








… ... … . Last night we went to the opening of the ADM festival, and it was very much a part of the Revalerstr. RAW-Gelande partyheads and tourist zones of Friedrichshain, and that’s OK… it’s finally … sorta … Springtime…

And we all need to reclaim a little breathing room and playspace, even if it is just a weekend escape. At least this party is a BENEFIT for the good fight ( and ADM’s legal costs )… AND in addition to the festivities, there is also much to learn from the cultural free-haven(s) – done with the Dutch squatter-styles – that were able to find and sustain SOME experimental pockets ( of actual land + housing ) in the midst of the gruesome neoliberal frenzies of the übernormal EU hyper-biz-as-usual.

In fact, as we were watching a bunch of doc film / materials being screened in the little sub-keller cinema, we were struck by all the tales and perspectives on ADMs struggles over the last 18 YEARS ( that span of time in itself is a VICTORY ! ), and it’s a necessary reminder of fighting not just against the grain of all the neo-colonial-imperialist soul-crushing, but it’s about the things we are fighting FOR… the revolution of everyday life ( to quote situationist : Raoul Vaneigem ) ! And it was a alarming to realize how far NOW , and to what extent, we are ALL being DISPLACED … and pushed deeper and deeper into the deadly containers – the unihabitable death strips – of industrialized life… and headed for a massive “civilization” breakdown + collision with those expanding mechanisms of control !

Some topics we hope to expand on in our C-KiNO presentations there on Saturday evening ! ( 19-21h )…  and again on April 11th in Mitte.

And of course a fantastic reminder why THOUSANDS of people will be in the streets for the MIETENWAHNSINN DEMO… the time is RIPE for putting our dreams of another possible community life…  into action and praxis !!!!!!

And we absolutely need MORE on-the-ground autonomous zones to create these alternative and other worlds !!!

to be cont.

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