CiTiZEN KiNO #78 re-animates the Frankfurt School for Our Digitally Cooked Times


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“For “totalitarian” is not only a terroristic political coordination of society, but also a non-terroristic economic-technical coordination which operates through the manipulation of needs by vested interests.”

Herbert Marcuse, One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society ( 1964 )


” Techno-fascism plumps us up for the choice between total devotion to the  sausage-making industrialization of someone else’s backyard or an ever-deeper seduction-escape into a technological rabbit hole of unknown pleasures. Sticks us in the oven and awaits the asphyxiation climax.”

- XLt Analyst ( yesterday )


‘There is some shit I shall not eat … and I will not kiss your fucking flag!’ – e.e. cummings ( 1926 )


< 6.4 > CiTiZEN KiNO #78: The Work of Art In The Age of Auto-erotic Asphyxia … SNEAK PREVIEW for the ADM subkulture festival / benefit at Urban Spree – Revaler Str.99 – 19:00h ( eintritt ? )

< 11.4 > CiTiZEN KiNO #78: The Work of Art In The Age of Auto-erotic Asphyxia … at Club der Polnischen Versager,Ackerstr. 168 – Berlin Mitte – 20:00h – by Donation


Those dark pioneers of *critical theory* and *negative dialectics* and deep analysts of the culture industry, who fled the Holocaust and set up shop in the Disneyland of Post-war Ka-Ching Boom, are certainly relevant for our digitally cooked surveillance krapitalist times. It’s high time to re-animate or re-package The Frankfurt School … and locate the emergency exits in the burning theaters.

C-KINO – a situational cinematic investigation – curates a film clips evening, and stitches together a zone wherein all triggered emotions and relevant insights from the critical theory archives can be laid out in a fearless and highly-eroticized theater, transformed into a new school of resistance. Dr. Podinski and the XLterrestrial friends put the Btropolis Patient on the couch and asks what one sees in the 24/7 live stream consumption … but not without a bouquet of flowers and poems flying from our extended hand… and a tribute to our fallen arts+culture comrades !

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New promo text +  Notes for C-Kino #78:


Our newest episode of CiTIZEN KiNO – a series of situational cinema + tactical media interventions – will revisit the Frankfurt School’s critical theory approach and analysis of the culture industry ( mass media + big tech). We examine what their works reveal in relationship to our current horror show of netted-Culture in these times of rabid “Surveillance Krapitalism” ( Shoshana Zuboff ). Do the 21st century tech tools that promised to connect us just give ever more unprecedented powers to the engorged and frothing idiots who now divide + capture + consume us in a blurry eyes-wired-shut tyranny ? Are we all getting steered deeper into distracted, disembodied, asphyxiating, and utterly uninhabitable environments. Are there technofixes for the techno-Fixers and all those neoliberal tech-titan “Wichsers” !? Are there actions and exits ( that are not like getting the Brex-shits )  that can still get us out of this burning planet-theater in time !? As Greta Thunberg, and many others have been saying, “It’s time for you to Panic !”

Warning! Surrealist reactionary-ism, primal screams and disturbing footage may all be used as part of our arsenal of tactical arts to pull the emergency brake and/or push all the buttons for a new operating system !

to be cont.


The F-school

“If capitalistic technological society weakens the autonomy and rationality of the subject, it is not through the domination of the individual by the apparatus but through technological rationality supplanting a describable rationality of communication. And, in his sketch of communicative ethics as the highest stage in the internal logic of the evolution of ethical systems, Habermas hints at the source of a new political practice that incorporates the imperatives of evolutionary rationality.”


Alex Ross in The New Yorker
The F School Knew Trump Was Coming ( 2016 )

Explaining the (new) attack on Cultural Marxism:

( some hilarious videos out there on the alt right web )


Review of Stuart Jeffries’ book Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives of the Frankfurt School.  ( 2017 )


A quik read ADORNO summary:

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