The Really Really Radical Blurbs v.1 : Transmutation of the Arts + Praxis ppl

XLterrestrials will be heading to the Netherlands in November for some very exciting events, and experimenting with Part/Level 3 of the Psychomedia + Transmigrations series ( more below ).

> 21-23.11 > The 4th edition of 2.dh5-festival in Den Bosch (Netherlands)

An annual gathering on political activism in the Netherlands. The idea is to organize opportunities for sharing knowledge on tactics and strategies to change the world. Workshops and performances vary from very practical (computer skills, how to occupy buildings etc.) to more theoretical and from meetings to performances and films. The name comes from a brilliant chess move with which you can beat the opponent the quickest (queen over the leftfield).

Saturday night there will be a party, performing vj/dj Podinski (XLt) + Trecid ( ADF web + the Globaltronic hub ) and Live Old Seed and de Rotte Herders. And there will be food served all the weekend, and places to sleep can be provided if you take sleeping bag and matt with you. We’ll also provide some elementary childcare.

The entire program is open to everybody with progressive ideas, we ask a donation of 5 euro’s (or more) to cover some of the costs.

_ _ _

> 29.11 > XminY Solidarity Funds 40th Anniversary Celebration, A’dam

featuring Caspian Hat Dance en Son 5, dj’s en vj’s, including Podinski’s Psychomedia Ostblok set
17.00 – 2.00 Zaal 100, de Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam

> 20-30.11 > 21e International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA), A’dam

more info coming…

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