Monochrom’s leftist hemisphere Exploratorium

Well while we are awaiting some visuals from Sunday night’s Monochrom visit at the Exploratorium, we thought we should analyze the burning wreckage left by the prankmeisters of Vienna… Because any traces left by these articulate and transnational leg-pullers may have fair and future use for escaping your own homeland debris and finding/formatting more bricks to throw at the pop culture screens. The McBean Theater was filled to the brim with Squidlisters and Re/Searchers, which made for a ruckus and supportive house to play the live-audience game in this attempted point-blank tv talk show shoot.

Ah, ok so pics just posted at Laughing Squid, where a number of photographers who were on the scene are listed… like Lori Dorn, Violet Blue, etc. ( Thanks ya’ll for using that easy to snag flickr ). No lack of coverage here, so we won’t saturate you more with the spectacle, and should u wanna surf more pics, they’re all easily navigated from the relentless cultural tentacles of Scott’s blog (above).

But moving on to the Tactical, we wish to sift out the nuggets of information, which, even if you were there might not have been so apparent from what on the surface was pretty SNL and Letterman-like comedy, with maybe a few slight notches to latER night entertainment like bits about bondage and hacking and LINGUISTICS.



So IS there any Next Level results in producing a television talk show enriched with elements of resistance, hacking , farther (out of the norm, but not by much) sexual territory and leftist hemisphere thinking??! Well Yes, but only in the cold cuts section of your mediated freezer. As a measure of effect one can already surf it’s immediate web resonance, it’s merely a bit of good visual fodder and humorous ref points to a night out in the hipster art circles via the blogosphere, which will remain mostly undefrosted and pictopheliac slabs for the In-crowds, but no one ( except for maybe XL terrestrial organisms primed for volcanic post-spectacle activity ) will discuss the topics which attempted to penetrate the over-arching stupidity of television with breathing seething PPL on-the-move and ready to undo the gray goo of pop culture, paradoxicaly both long-irrelevant and way out of control.

It’s a bit like the joke: Virtual Reality, you’re already soaking in it ! Or, Nanotech, yes yur brain’s been there been done that, reduced by The Big 8 conglomerate headshrinker cannibals INC. of the mass media Spectrum.

One CAN appreciate the skill of producing such a thing in the non-sponsored alternative art realms, and as Live Theater, and it does resonate with a few hints of spectacle implosion, but it brings to mind one possibly quintessential re-defining moment in the theories of detournement, where the Critical Art Ensemble in one small obscure paragraph of Digital Resistance laid out a bluntly dismal Big Picture, paraphrased here: You cannot outdo the bottomless pit and endless traffic of spectacle-capital, but you might act to derail it at certain precise intersections.

So we will just make our tiny stab at crystallizing one of the more fertile secrets of the evening, which was revealed during one of the least tv-formatted, least sensationalist moments of the program. Monochrom’s own Evelyn Fuerlinger dropped a linguistic key that cracks the shell, and is quite possibly one of the few bits of information that can travel outside the medium:

The language we use is shaping our thoughts!

A sharp-focus glimpse from above Plato’s Cave and Abbot’s Flatlands. Jack that atomic/ linguisitic catalyst into our current situation and you have: Surely our culture is in the doomed loop so long as we remain inside anything resembling TV-download sit-com semiotics! And to what extent does Net culture resemble an absurd exponent placed over the entranced idiots of spectacle and squeezing them down even closer to their micro-screened world and its possessed and short attention-span code!?

In sum, more misses than hits with Monochrom’s latest, but we are looking forward to what they’ve got up their sleeves for the future, cause there are certainly too few leftist hemisphere art groups ready to attack from outer dimensions.

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