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#Fridaysforfuture #Climatestrike #Technofascism #Panictime

There’s a very good Democracy Now report today about the challenges to prevent the worst outcomes from the fossil fuels era and corporate krapitalism’s new world disorder !

They interview David Wallace-Wells from New York Magazine, who has just come out with a new book called The Uninhabitable Earth.  What’s useful and fresh in these dire warnings is that there ARE abundant solutions that would be rather easy to implement, but the corruption of the policy makers and the political system is obstructing the necessary changes.

Most of us following these issues over the last years know this well already, but his way of highlighting the problems are a very compelling art to motivating the broader global populace to get involved, demand and push for change. And while not holding back on a terrifying analysis and a dire, alarming tone, he also highlights the massive differences between 2 – 3 – 4 – 5- etc. degrees warming. And the long-range cumulative effects and the multiplying tipping-point factors.  And the fact that these varying degrees of outcomes are still options at all, reveals that we ARE the ones in control of our fates. We do have that power ! The climate breakdown horror show is not a done deal. Our end is NOT inevitable. We should NOT be giving up !

Of course this information is abundant in 1000s of other peoples’ work. But its one of the main tactical messages in this crisis that needs repeating and persistently invoked. And Wells seems to do it very well, based on this interview. We will still need to examine the book.

Meanwhile, as usual Greta Thunberg is as precise a ninja of words + actions as ever ! Her message in Brussels was another crystallizing blow and condemnation of the generations that have to own this technofascist terror.  To do nothing now is unambiguously criminal !

And she says, “We have begun to clean up your mess, and we will not stop until we are done ! “

Tomorrow the XLterrestrials will be joining the #FridaysForFuture STRIKE, and we say loud and clear : This Panic Time Is For Everybody !….

Everyone needs to consider what form of strike makes sense for their own situation, but by all means they have no other real option than to find a way to join the task that a courageous 16 year-old kid has now manifested in a most clear and doable form ! It is a (low-risk ) door for ALL to enter the struggle. And no doubt, many other tactics will need to follow….

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