The XLT Guide to A Soft and Fuzzy and Out-Of-Focus Transmediale 2019 ?!




So Transmediale 2019 looks about as tedious this year as reading through a manual for some new corporate gadget that helps you generate a 3-D map of all your MINOR personal, societal and technical problems in a WORLD ON (obvious) FIRE… We know there’s great minds and great people around… but this is going to be a rough one to navigate and have enough patience to try to pull out any concrete upgrades + actions for our troubled times … in Btropolis … and everywhere else ! … “Have we become hopeless cynical bastards ?” asks the XLT ( of itself ) ….

Btw, YOUR program tips welcome ! … and see you there…. in the ( arty academic ) fog. We haven’t had much to preview it this year.

Btw, we have to say: we REALLY DO kinda like the “fuzzy dice” muppety-elmo-like totem this year … but not sure how this will address the problems mentioned above…

… or as Zippy might ask: ” Are You Affected Yet ? “

( looking for that meme of dog in fire looking at the program and deciding which workshop to take )

ANd for our brief report from this year’s Vorspiel…



So we finally found some time to have a closer look…

IT IS VERY GOOD NEWS that #TM19 has added a platform called Study Circles ( Uneasy Alliances ) to the festival to engage real community feedback and responses and strategizing … but we might say what is lacking here is some stepping-up leadership from the festival organizers themselves to put the hard-hitting topics more front and center in the program. This is afterall a symposium for (and critical approach to ) digital culture, and where’s the call to arms !? … How many years does it take to grasp the steady rise of techno-fascism, the cybernetic regime and the now completely entrenched “surveillance krapitalism” horrorshows, and signal the alarms FOR REAL !!?

Ja We feel INFEcTED !

A few trusted names we might recommend, but of course there is no doubt lots of participants and stuff we have no idea about… So again , feel free to alert us to your tactical highlights…

Jennifer Bennett ( kunstblock ), Ewa Majewska ( Razem ), Claudio Agosti (, Seda Gürses, Geert Lovink, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Joana Moll, Felix Stalder ( tho we have our hesitations re: his technotopian hopes and technocratic orientations  ), Rasmus Fleischer ….

And finally. remember it is up To YOU to push the festival into deeper engagements… do not sit back passively absorbing… challenge us and them !

And let’s try to find ways to build alliances that carry the most solid, vociferous,  ideas forward into the situations, beyond the festival/entertainment bubble weekend !

to be cont.?

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