Google in Berlin, the extended tiny grabbing hands of Trumpland ?! v.1





Süddeutsche Zeitung, and maybe a few others outlets, report about 70 protesters coming for a unwelcoming ( or fuck off ! ) party at Google’s grand opening for their new Berlin project that is NOT a Campus. Please don’t say “Campus”, because the big black eye that the company got in Kreuzberg for trying to plant a start-up incubator + accelerator campus is still an open festering wound for their image and future plans in Germany and the EU. And it might lead people to think, regardless of all the corporate media schmoozefest, that the residents and citizens of Berlin still don’t want this Silicon Suck-it-All Valley tech company drilling for digital oil and tech worker talents in our backyards! And certainly not in the Mitte district, near the Regierungsviertal ( government center ), EITHER !

Let’s start investigating a little deeper what the Google Non-Campus will be doing, shall we !!! All of YOUR research and investigative help appreciated… it’s going to be a big task to keep an eye on these slippery tech-snatchers.

But first let’s take a look at how the media handled their high-profile launch, with Merkel, burgermeister Mueller, Sundar Pichai, Dorothee Bär (CSU – Staatsministerin für Digitalisierung,), etc…—berlin-proteste-bei-eroeffnung-von-google-buero-in-berlin-dpa.urn-newsml-dpa-com-20090101-190122-99-676610!5564179/

( mostly a good critical read, but they did NOT report on the protest, and said their wasn’t one )—stadt/google-in-mitte-gefunden-haupstadt-buero-jetzt-nahe-regierungsviertel-31919726?dmcid=f_feed_Berliner+Kurier

AND in case you’re feeling a little lost, in all the daily barrage of shitty news and complicated explanations of our techsploitation world…. Here’s Nearly ALL of the major players of Suck-it-All Valley meeting in TRUMP TOWER with Trump, Iwanka + Jared, Don Jr., etc… and Peter Thiel… just after #45 prez was elected. It was all very cozy, and no one spoke up about what a disgraceful and dangerous time it has become in the land of Tiny Hands. A reminder :


The tech companies with no shame !


to be cont….

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