The Foreplay Tease of The Art Biz / Vorspiel + Transmediale


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It’s that time of year again in the Btropolis … Transmediale and the Vorspiel…

We’ll have to come back and share a little orientation and history on that, but for now … the matters at hand:

Dear artist colleagues, PLEASE READ IN FULL >

This will be the 7th year of Transmediale’s VORSPIEL program… a distributed program of over 60 Berlin-based initiatives and venues… As far as we know, this remains a HUGE LABOR PROBLEM that Transmediale team has NOT RESOLVED….

NO portion of the Transmediale’s roughly 2+million euro budget is used to SUPPORT the LOCAL ARTISTS with any actual FEES… They have had a longtime to figure this out, and nothing will be done about it, until artists DEMAND MORE from them AND the FUNDING INSTITUTIONS that abuse our LIVELIHOODS ! Crowd-sourcing an extended festival IS NOT OK ! And we’ve spoken to them about it before, but they continue to ignore the problem !

Discontently yours, The XLterrestrials

to be cont.

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