On the XLt Radar: the winter must not exist without music !


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Pretty safe to say there are not many people on planet earth who have travelled through more unchartered musical waters than Fred Frith

< 17.01 > Fred Frith live and Step Across the Border ( 1990 ) – the film at Babylon Kino Mitte … one ticket for both ( 20euros )

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19.30 Uhr
Cut Up the Border
Mit Fred Frith (Gitarre), Nicolas Humbert und Marc Parisotto (Sound-Collage)

21 Uhr
Step Across the Border
Film von Nicolas Humbert und Werner Penzel


STILL one of the few films that comes so close to the languages of music, the 1990 doc Step Across The Border comes back around for a one night screening and a special live “Cut Up The Border” set with Fred Frith, together with one of the 2 filmmakers N. Humbert and Marc Parisotto, a composer from Marseille, followed by the classic eye+earful feature on Frith’s pioneering musical journeys and global collaborations.

AND Today is ART’s BIRTHDAY !!

“Today art is 1 million 56 years old !!! It was born when someone dropped
a dry sponge into a bucket full of water (as it is already well known ). ”

What better way than to spend it than with Fred and the makers of the doc at Babylon Kino TONITE. We have it too good in the Btropolis sometimes

Thx to Arturo for reminding us about the BIRTHDAY. Check for celebrations around the globe HERE.


PLUS Frith and Bill Laswell will be doing a series of shows with a whole bunch of incredible guests in San Francisco in Feb. at The Chapel in the Mission District  … More about that coming…

Fred’s blog and list of upcoming dates + collaborations

Added: The XLT review:

” THat was the most brilliant Art Birthday ever ! … it must feel good to be 1,000,056 years old ! … and Fred Frith is still like a troublemaking prodigy kid in an ungovernable and timeless candy shop. ” XLt analyst



< 15.02 > Frith’s Live Set : Cut Up The Border broadcast again on Deutschland Funk Kultur… More here:


to be cont. … perhaps.

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