Rosa Luxemburg Revisited, Kiez Notes Expanded



Rosa Lux Revisited, Kiez Notes Expanded

When a left political actor is murdered, it usually marks some incredible territory of politics that had reached an extremely effective level of strategies, which threatens those in power.

Fast fwd to today:

via  Xavi Ruiz ????? @xruiztru : “Citizens of Gdansk gathered to commemorate their Mayor @AdamowiczPawel, murdered last night at a charity event. He was a big supporter of LGTB, migrants and refugees’ rights during a period of rising anti-migrant sentiment.”

The XLT are working on a piece about Rosa Lux, which takes ALOT of research to do her incredible history(ies) justice AND put them into the highly relevant contexts for our current dangerous times … including things like the murder/assassination of the liberal mayor of Gdansk just yesterday …

In the meantime some tiny glimpse of what happened at the memorial on Sunday in Berlin…

Germany remembers Rosa Luxemburg 100 years after her murder ( via Guardian )

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