XLt ((2019)) Radar v.3 : Take Back the ( Rosa ) Kiez !


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< 09.01 > “Indoor” by Lau Feldstain – Premiere film about LIEBIG34 -the 28-year-old self-organised, anarcha-queer feminist house-project threatened with eviction ! … … w/ special guest Prof. Dr. Margit Mayer ( in eng w/ de translation available ) … at SO36, 19h



100 YEARS of Rosa’s Todestag and REvolution – 1919-2019

< 10.01 > Luxemburg’s Interventionist Thought w/ Lea Ypi and Paul Mason at Volksbühne, 20h ( Fb invite )

< 10-15.01 > RLStiftung Reihe «Hommage an Rosa Luxemburg. Wir betrauern nicht ihre Leiche, wir feiern ihr Leben.» Vom 10. bis 15. Januar 2019 finden im Rahmen der Reihe Veranstaltungen an mehreren Orten in Berlin statt.
Weitere Informationen: https://www.rosalux.de/news/id/39722/

< 13.o1 > Rosa Luxemburg – Liebknecht March – the annual 4Km walk from Frankfurter Tor to their burial place in Friedrichsfelde, begins 10h

< 12.01 > “” Ich lebe am fröhlichsten im Sturm“” – full day program – at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, 1 PM – 11:55 PM

Eine Hommage an Rosa Luxemburg zum 100. Todestag- with Dagmar Enkelmann (Vorstandsvorsitzende der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung), Klaus Lederer (Kultur- und Europasenator von Berlin), Kathrin Röggla (Schriftstellerin, Stellvertretene Präsidentin der Akademie der Künste), Florian Weis (Geschäftsführendes Vorstandsmitglied der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung) Moderation: Britta Steffenhagen (Journalistin) … and many more … concert finale with Bernadette La Hengst, Pastor Leumund and Dota Kehr, etc.

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< 15.o1 > Rosa Luxemburg by Margarethe Von Trotta with Barbara Sukowa at Moviemento, 18h

EXTRA xtra : Check out the new jan/feb EXBerliner issue for some informative articles, dates, perspectives and map related to Rosa. A respectable, and not superficial INTRO, if you’re just getting acquainted with her genius, courage, radical social vision … and tragic assassination !



< 12. 01 > Demonstration „Gegen den Ausverkauf der Stadt“ statt… Max-Taut-Aula Fischerstr.36 Schlichtallee 24, 10317 Berlin

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Rummelsburger Bucht bleibt!
Potse & Drugstore bleiben!
Rigaer bleibt!
Hafen bleibt!
Syndikat bleibt!
Meuterei bleibt!
Liebig34 bleibt!
RAW bleibt!
Jugendschiff bleibt!


< 12-13.01 > Happy Habitat Finnisage, Neurotitan – B Mitte

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stencil by Marycula

Other bits coming: Neurotitan’s Happy Habitat exhibition finnisage, HKW’s The New Alphabet, A Bowie Celebration, NoGoogleCampus reports, upcoming actions + demos against the selling off of our Btropolis, Dr.Pong in Prenzlauer is closing its doors – final weekend! …  etc…



The “Indoor” film premiere was a strange mix ! On one hand, it was great to see a full house supporting Liebig34, yet another +20years house project in Btropolis which is threatened with eviction by real-estate sharks ( Christoph Görner und Padovicz ).  On the other, the film is an odd experiment which attempts to bring together an honest glimpse into the lives of the anarcho-feminist residents there,  with the housing crisis + the struggles for autonomy and squatter culture. But it falls flat as any tactical media document in the midst of a city-wide ( and global-scale ) WAR on the poor, renters + housing rights.

For us, there was far too much personal freak flag-waving… identity politics kram … and sexual (fetish-culture ) liberation  … at a moment when we are all getting crushed in an escalating neo-liberal bloodbath ! So many dangers are imminent, and we were anticipating something a little more seriously engaged in solidarity culture ! On its own, in the context of some Kino fest experience, this might be a fun peephole into an adventurous fringe world of a very experimental co-living environment, perhaps more for those who have never experienced it.

But programmed into a night that wants to grapple with any current social nightmares and massive societal breakdown … it doesn’t offer any potent kicks to envision, nor enact, how+what we are really going to do to go about reclaiming our cities under an increasingly brutal, and frequently fascist, siege ( for migrants in particular ) !

Prof. Dr. Margit Mayer ( formerly at FU, now at TU ) DID give us an excellent quick overview of squatter and house project history in Berlin ( and Europe ) over the last 3-to-4 decades… putting the current situations of all our threatened sub-cultural resources into the larger political context … and we’ll try to come back to report more on that ( and/or provide a link ) .

(( resources via Margit : Squatting Europe Kollektiv )) :

http://sqek.squat.net/resources/ +


The screening event also raises big questions about how we go about mixing arts and activism… what works… and what possibly doesn’t … Timing factors, etc. So, while we felt frustrated by the event, we also welcome the challenge to analyze the experience to perhaps sharpen our tools and skills in all our resistance cultures. And we certainly don’t need to agree  ( about our “aesthetics of protest” ) … a number of people we spoke with enjoyed the film and all its in-the-open strangeness…

And a diversity of tactics will always remain essential !

to be cont.

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