XLt ((2019)) Radar: Defend the Future of the Kiez ! v.2


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THe 2019 XLt RADAR:

< 1st Fridays >  Noise Against The Goo (gle) ! Every 1st friday at the Umpsannwerk at the Ohlauerbrücke in Kberg/ Neukoelln, 18-19h

Rumors are that it will not remain stationary at this location, but around 18:30h will head to another location site that requires our immediate attention… such as the planned hostel project at mariannenstr/skalitzer ( Hafiz owners ) …or the former postal building on skalitzer ( Samwer brothers )… or the old robben und wientjes lot at ritterstr, where a new big start-up co-working project  ( Pandion ) is being “installed”.

< 05.01 >  German premiere “Olhar Instigado” & Talk about Pixação at Kino Central / Neurotitan, B-Mitte at 18h… ( FB invite )

< 04.01 > Datacide Discussion and videos, at Vetomat, 20h


Kiez Notes + Beyond :

The Potse ( jugendzentrum / verein ) remains occupied… and for current news, perhaps their twitter account is the best up-to-date news… More links here

The XLt were at an extraordinary meeting last nite to discuss the inauguration of Bozonaro and the emerging new dangers of the Brasil situation, for all of us on Planet Burning Toast… but especially to indigenous people and the ( environmental ) activists there …

A quick reportback for now…  There will be a regular 1st THURSDAYS to meet-up in Btropolis and discuss how activists can organize solidarity actions from here. PM us, if you would like more info.

The Amazon is, as one activist said, the lungs of planet earth ! We will ALL be affected if new ecological protections and regulations are not in place to prevent further destruction of the rain forests. And Bozonaro has already signaled that he will do exactly the opposite, and will oversee the plunder of the region for its natural resources… and will not defend the rights of the indigenous in those areas.

And on an extra creepy note… In 2018, about 800 activists were murdered, and about 400 of them were in Brasil  !

And in other creepy madness… Nikki Haley the former warmongering US ambassador to the UN … wholeheartedly welcomed the new planetfucker-in-chief ! Showing the usual signs that any asshole who plays puppet for US interests will get a hug from the imperial Trumplands.

We will have to mobilize locally and globally to put pressures on govts. and various economic / trade partners everywhere to ostracize and sanction Bozonaro’s blatantly fascist regime.



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