#35c3: An Unsleeping Giant… XLt Ext analysis v.2


::: Day4 :::


Note: Thx to the incredible #35c3 live streams crew, there are dozens of archived sessions already available to dive into … to catch up on what one human, nor any post-human, could possibly absorb in one weekend ! Not sure when we’ll find time to research more… But we’ll try and pick out a few highlights from an XLt perspective. soon. … but first an obligatory rant from afar … in a mad mad world that is consuming itself with the latest industrial-strength technologies.

Note2: No one should be flying to Congress anymore !… ( The Co2 costs are too high )… And there were far too few remote stream locations… ( as far as we could tell )… And it’s not too late to set up public screenings now and in the coming weeks to discuss the talks that you find important and to have face-2-face debates about what your communities can do to fight for a better future ( with and without tech  ) !


So to begin… on a sunday high-tech-hangover day…

Even from afar, it was difficult not to get lost in the supermarket of technotopian dreams…

Sunday, we got up and started surfing and sleuthing to find out what Extinction Rebellion might be doing at Congress… We couldn’t retrace our digital steps to find the message we had received about them presenting or taking action on DAY4… perhaps it was in an IRC chat, and no longer possible to pull up.

We probably could have just done an ExRe search on the 35c3 wiki… DOH !

… still havent made Kaffee.

DAY4 at 13.23h : we got a mail from a comrade: “Nope wasn’t me who told you … but i see they have a 2ND meet-up” …  with a link to Room:Lecture room M1 … at 13:00h… DAY2

It reads:

Extinction Rebellion – NOT shutting down the internet – civil disobedience (non violent direct action) on a massive scale.

Climate change is for real and we are sending a message to influence the government. Even better – setting the foundation to become the government

Well, we weren’t gonna teleport back in time now… and we were a few hundred kilometers away from any attempts to find them this afternoon. And neither of the two session were going to be streamed… especially, if any serious acteurs were going to discuss any substantially radical actions ahead.

So, a very very small and marginal group may have gathered at 35c3 to discuss one of the more relevant problems on humanity’s TO DO list.  Yes, that ubiquitous Margaret Mead quote pops up in our heads, but ya have to wonder if the world-at-large will ever get the news of what this tiny committee may be up to. Mass mediation being still in a tight grip of centralized power brokers.


And btw, what’s wrong with shutting down the Internet ?! ;) …

Seems like “scaling down” and / or “powering down” is not just for anarcho-primies anymore… Our unsustainable high-tech civilization could use a wake-up call… and much more courageous acts of solidarity with our sisters and brothers on the other sides of the industriaized world.  We think…  Severing our ties to the VR-RL-gouging spectacle of the digital puppet strings for even just a little breather now and then … and opening the windows for a little oxygen + sense in the room…  never hurt anyone except the deeply embedded corporate leeches. Ok, that’s a complicated one. But we do need to assess what “scaling down” might mean as an act of resistance in the cybernetic regime. The dysneytopia inc. is also still the problem. Endless digital expanionism is unlikely the route to salvation… especially for the colonized and instrumentalized global South, which bears the brunt of the industry’s predatory use of cheap and abused labor … and its natural resource plunder to keep us all ubiquitously connected through the machines !

Meanwhile, the un-sleeping tech giant rolls over in an idyllic field of daisies somewhere on a campus-like bubble – or an industrial park – in another sleepless turbulent night on earth … crushing the lives of another small village in the Congo beside another Titanium mine to keep us all data-fied … it constructs another high-tech Frontex layer to assure that 1000s more will drown in the Mediterranean as it destabilizes someone else’s backyard …  hands all your data + meta-data over to demented MAGAns in the West Block and the Totalitarian Shadow World ( of Mafia Krapitalism )…  sucks another trillion euros into the Military Entertainment Complex instead of providing citizens healthcare and a healthy planet  … makes Jeff Bezos’ shit-eating grin a little wider and a hell of alot richer… gives Alex Halderman some more research funds to help us all pretend the next elections will not be hacked ( prob by money, not tech ) … hypes the UBI to keep the world chugging along towards the 6th Mass Extinction… and lets Joscha Bach dream on as one of the new celebrity philosopher kings waxing poetic about AI, math + code which easily becomes the SOMA of the elites + 1 big detachment coupon for the IT industry to get-out-of-jail-free… and escape any responsibility as the Techno-Fascism escalates in our sad, misguided unfortunate high-wired Maya …


to be cont.




Coming to a theater of rants near U !

Where were the majority of hackers in Btropolis when one little Kiez vs. Goliath fought off the Google Campus ?! And continue to fight off the #Gafam game of (netted) monopolies !



Pic: An excerpt from C-KINO #77 : Efficiency, Madness, Rebellion… a group of interventionist artists in Neukoelln who have been making ghost dolls to alert the Kiez about their disappearing neighbors due to the accelerating gentrification and displacement.

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