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So yesterday, Day1 of #35c3, the XLt hosted a satellite event to livestream the congress for a general public in the Btropolis Mitte. Kiez-style with breakfast potluck and an evening Chili Vokü ( folks kitchen, by donation ).

It was an interesting experiment, and we had some great discussions. We performed our 77th CiTiZEN KiNO ( playlist coming soon ) to express our concerns + angles, in an attempt to inspire the rebels in you ! And it was all exhausting. And we are a little sad not to be on site this year meeting incredible comrades and hunting for clues about how we might more effectively fight for our future.

Congress has become for us one of the most important events of the year to gather information ( and skills ) and attempt to organize our communities. One reason of many for this is precisely because it so heavily engaged with the tech environments, which it must be said is also at the root of our most pressing crises. So ya know it is pretty fucking on-point, even when it “misses the forest for the trees” … AND/OR misses the individual/local trees (and fires ) for the big pic + big tech forest !

And yes, it too, like many large-scale events, has its flaws and drawbacks and these are important to analyze. Like the hacker arts, we often look for the cracks in order to find new directions, means and tools for upgrades.

So, we will attempt to analyze from afar… and be cautious not to over-analyze… because afterall these are urgent times to ACT and “TUWAT” ( the title of congress  last year ) … which translates : to do something ! … And to resist ! To fight ! To change the operating systems that are murdering us ( all species ) ! To build anew ! To make a better world ! And to rescue the one we currently have !

And before we begin, we just want to say, after organizing one tiny little chaotic local remote event: We are madly jealous of the organizational skills of CCC to pull off such a massive + complicated event with so much care, and we should all be inspired by their mind-boggling teamwork! We should all have so many beautiful “angels” ( so sind die volunteers gennant ) to have our backs in the ominous struggles ahead in 2019 !

But… on to our perspectives, our constructive critiques, our obligatory rants in these maddening times, our disillusionment with technotopia(ns), our deep respects for dedicated and talented humans ( that includes techies ) trying to do good in the strangest of worlds …


to be cont.

… in the meantime, there were no pics from CK77, but this captured our mood at home after our Day1 event: totally beat, but proud and smug, and grateful for our own beds ( even if feeling a little caged and compromised )… hidden dragon, cardboard tiger !

( pic seen+stolen via Library Shipwreck twitter, but more about that later )




( if you want to chat with people at 35c3 or others following from afar )… XLt analyst ( dr. ) podinski might be there…

via : Sven Guckes? @guckes Dec 21

#35C3 chat with us!???????????? server: http://irc.hackint.org channel: #35c3 language: english got no IRC client? just use a browser: https://webirc.hackint.org/ https://events.ccc.de/congress/2018/wiki/index.php/Congress_Everywhere#Berlin … watch the streams! https://events.ccc.de/congress/2018/wiki/index.php/TicketExchange … https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2018/Fahrplan/ … https://engelsystem.de/35c3/

On THE XLT RADAR… Recommended:

Since the XLT tries to stay focused on the techno-fascism and one of humanity’s all-time greatest fuck ups, we are usually concerned about how the tech community deals with Climate Breakdown…

We were at Bits and Baüme at TU in Berlin last month, which gave the hacker culture a much-needed focus on our realworld / material world’s problems of unsustainabilty… and in some rare glimpses actually dealt with the ongoing brutal colonialims ( and child labor ) required to keep our high tech society chugging along towards the 6th Mass Extinction …

So important stuff to analyze… and extend… and feedback… into the general hacker mentality and modus operandi…

DISTURBING to Note, these are NOT major hall presentations; they are small very marginalized groups ( perhaps only DIY / self-organized sessions outside of the main 35c3 curated schedule. )  This is OUTRAGEOUS and must be challenged ! No big stage official report back from Bits Und Baüme ! WTF !?? How is this possible !??


at this session now, some notes here:



< 30.12 > Extinction Rebellion will be doing somehting at 35c3 on #DAY4…

looking for more info.


to be cont. #DAY3 ...

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