XLt Deep Winter Radar v. X


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< 17.12 > Datacide Talk with Joke Lanz & Christoph Fringeli at Vétomat, Wühlischstr. 42, 10245 Berlin ( FB invite )

< 16-19.12 > The Can Project II, Volksbuhne and Babylon ( FB invite )


< 19.12 > So36 throws a party to celebrates the Kiez comrades and all the  Anti-Google Initiatives, A (small) victory in our fights against the machines and cybernetic regimes,  at SO36, Kreuzberg … ab 19:00h

< 20.12 > Kreuzberg Underground Comic Showcase with Resident Christopher Sperandio, at Somos ( FB invite )

< 27.12 > CiTiZEN KiNO #77 : Efficiency, Madness, Rebellion, at Club der Polnischen Versager, B-Mitte – all day / nite ( FB invite )

< 27-30.12 > 35C3 Chaos Congress, Leipzig

… … …. …… ………….

KIez Notes:

Aeons ago when the Tacheles in B-Mitte was just a fringe ghost ship hotspot trainwreck and rubble-refuge in Btropolis suddenly turned inside out and the east was wrested up onto an altar of the festering west  … the squatted artists studios had no heating… the only way to survive the winter was to create round the clock. Not to be nostalgic for all the bitter cracks in time, but you could say the arts back then had a bit more meat on their bones, and teeth in their expressions, and the flayed hearts were on their scruffy blood-stained sleeves… the war paint spread thick upon the faces, the fierce expressions at times camouflaged underneath our scrapped pasts and no futures … other times straight up and charging full-speed against the systems of control,  reclaiming every moment of our existence with the unbridled lust for life !

This weekend, the climate conference in Katowice came to its toothless conclusion… No fossil fuels CEO will get tarred and feathered, strung up dangling from a telephone pole, or removed from their influential position in shaping fake solutions in the wake of financially-calculated negotiations !

Are the people getting wiser and battening down the hatches or rising to the occasion !?

to be cont.

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