Jaron Lanier’s Postcards From Silicon Valley’s Bikini Island Beach



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Ok, we are not sure if we are joking…

- In the meantime work-in-progress below -

So Jaron Lanier gave a very profound talk at the Allianz Forum. It had all the nuances required to deliver a monumental warning to the wine and cheese crowd… It was titled “Who is Civilization For?”… but we think more appropriately it would fit better in a much stranger frame of surreal Pynchon-esque evil and vice …  like say :

Jaron Lanier’s Postcards From Silicon Valley’s Bikini Island Beach

He spoke, often poetically, about the Circles of Empathy, Livelihoods, Turing and THE Test, the Digital Cult Theology, those nutty Singularians at the steering wheel, Ray Kurweil, A.I., Marvin Minsky, MIT and all those faked, myth-making military grants,  … and what the f*ck do we do Now !?? … Alluding to the fact that it might be bigger than just deleting your Facebook and other social media account… But he was a little short on the details … and little short on rage…. he seemed chiller than a dub master in a foggy Jamaican smokehouse… and he didn’t say much about Microsoft… his current employer ! Nor about the GAFAM that continues to eat all of Gotham, the Bay Area, your Jobs, the planet … and ALL your data !


He most certainly didn’t mention anything about one of Microsoft’s latest VR contracts with the US military worth $480M ! Read More here… Kind of funny given that it was Lanier who coined the term VR, made the 1st VR goggles and data gloves… but didn’t seem too interested in discussing nor challenging what the cutting-edge uses have now become. In fact, it’s very rare for tech to go from civilian labs into military, and not the other way around.

So in pondering this, the XLterrestrials have a few postcards of our own to share… from the darker sides of virtual realities… and a little more pragmatic then the * Philosopher Kings * about what the f+ck we should do NOW !


to be cont.

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