CiTiZEN KINO #77: Efficiency, Madness and Rebellion



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CiTiZEN KiNO … We’re Back ! … Sort of….

< Dec.27 > CiTiZEN KINO #77: Efficiency, Madness and Rebellion at Club Der Polnische Versager in Btropolis Mitte … Ackerstrasse 168

full day / nite event

10:00h (CET) – live streams begin

20:00h – CiTiZEN KINO show begins

w/ special guests

by donation

( frühstuck, and “potluck”-  bring something to share- … evening vokü / mexican chili ?… bar: kaffee, tea, beer, wine, vodka, mate … we’re working on it, assistants welcomed ! )…

Our media activism platform / series – C-KINO – ( which used to be roughly one event per month, have a look at “the CK archives” here. ) has been down for a few months… primarily due to lack of funds… But we are coming back for one last show in 2018,  in-synch with the 35th Chaos Congress in Leipzig.

#35C3 Resources:

Fahrplan / Schedule

35C3 Wiki

CCC event blog

Congress Everwhere ( remote viewing locations )

Our intention is to gather people in Btropolis who can’t or won’t attend the Congress but would like to watch the live streams and participate in a deep analysis of the various themes from afar, but face-to-face ( not sitting alone in front of a laptop ) … in this cozy Kiez venue in B-Mitte. Thanks to CdPV for hosting us !

During the day, we will screen the live streams ( fingers crossed the tech functions smoothly, and choosing collectively which talks to view, sometimes just excerpts ). We should warn you that we are willing to improvise with the screenings, interrupt the streams and take opportunities to intervene, discuss topics together, and mix in a curated selection of C-KINO related media clips, analyze and discuss the talks, debate the complex technological situations, and investigate the “tech resistance” together…

In the evening, we will present a more focused CiTiZEN KiNO episode. Beginning at 20:00h … length of program is open-ended, and depends on YOU.  A LIVE interactive media event !

All with a special focus and critical approach to media and technology. We also will use as a framework the idea that we are in the midst of a very dangerous “Efficiency and Madness” scenario ( a reference to Felix Guattari’s essay on Post-Media from 1990, and translated by Alya Sebti and Clemens Apprich in 2012 for Mute ), which is an odd and perhaps out-of-date ( optimistic? ) perspective on where we are at in the technological soup + terror of all those unsustainable data-driven / corporate fantasies.

” The junction of television, telematics and informatics is taking place before our eyes, and will be completed within the decade to come. ”

” New technologies foster efficiency and madness in the same flow. The growing power of software engineering does not necessarily lead to the power of Big Brother. In fact it is way more cracked than it seems. It can blow up like a windshield under the impact of molecular alternative practices.”

- Guattari

Also in attempt to bring this perspectives up-to-speed, Tactical Tech Collective in Berlin also uses Guattari’s text as a reference point to analyze and seek ( tech ) solutions for all of us now fully entangled in the grim neo-liberal route of globalization, fully interwoven by a cybernetic regime… or “digital colonies”. This very concise and well-researched booklet is also a free >>> pdf download <<< !

And it’s worth unpacking in a face-to-face “auseinandersetzung”… investigating it… taking it apart… and asking if, it too ( like akademia, like CCC, like IT workers and the various hacker communities, like industrialized urban civilization under kraptalism ) …  is too wrapped up in the technotopian hopes, industry and agendas. Whose “digital revolution” ? Whose technologies ? … Questions abound !

“We are a high tech society… But we are by no means an intelligent high-tech society. It is urgent to point out that a particular industrialized human species may be on the path to idiotically transforming the entire planet into an uninhabitable waste dump with festive blinky lights … to keep us occupied to the bitter un-enlightened end. “

- XLt analyst

Additional situations in the mix may include:

the Green New Deal, Bits Und Baüme Conference reviewed, The Yellow Vests Insurrection ( and the “pallid universalism” of financial powers – Graeber’s analysis from Paris ), straight-jacketed governance by a slow algorithmic plug-in death, and post-humanism’s caretaker robots, COP24 in Katowice, Post-Google Cafe in Kreuzberg, and next level resistance: Fuck Off GAFAM ( the big 5 )  !… etc. etc…

Who knows what all might be applicable at the time of the C-KINO #77 launch date on Dec27 … … …  Suggestions, Inputs, Collaborations, Links, Resources and Media Clips all warmly welcomed ! … Contact us !

CASH FLOW needed :

AND… IF you would like to be a SUPPORTER, please contact us about how you can donate and/or contribute to the production. … We need any and all large or small investment injections to keep our project alive ! … Contact us !

Stay tune to this page for more info ! … coming soon…



Dear arts and praxis friends,

Happy Solstice from the XLt !

… and info for the LAST CiTiZEN KiNO of the YEar ( 27.12.18 )


It’s been a mad year…

The XLterrestrials wish you all a happy solstice + holidaze season, and a big thx to all of you who have been supporting our projects through the rough ride of of 2018.

The fUture of CiTiZEN KiNO – our interventionist media platform and series – is still unwritten … and under-funded.

But we plan to continue in 2019, and are looking for ways to keep it alive, fueled and financially nourished !We havent been producing these events for a few months now, and unlikely we will return to the format of a regular series… but we decided to come back for 1 MORE DEFIANT MARATHON SHOW to keep the spirits high and to finish off this brutal year with A BIG BANG !


On Thurs. DEC. 27th, we take over the Club Der Polnischen Versager in Berlin Mitte … for an ALL DAY EVENT !
What: CiTiZEN KINO #77: Efficiency, Madness and Rebellion
Where: Club der P. Versager, Ackerstr, 168  ( next to Schokoladen venue )
When : Beginning at 10:00h – morning – and late into the nite !
How Much: by Donation !
And possible Vokü. See more below.


We create a *** teahaus lounge *** to watch the live streams from the **** 35th Chaos Congress ( via Leipzig ) **** … and analyze with our friends and special guests throughout the day. If YOU would like to be a “special” guest, and present something, contact us.

Note: 35c3 is a very politically-engaged Hacker Congress. Beginners welcome. We will not speaking “Nerd-o-philia”. This is for a general public to understand the tech resistance, criticize it and/or discuss it !

And in the evening, we will present a more focused CiTiZEN KINO “show” of curated media ( with some “best of CK” clips ) … and some mad analysis of one of our most complicated subjects… Humans + Technology + Our Habitat in Peril…
A very critical perspective ! Engagement highly encouraged !
We are still constructing the show, but you can read some musings ( and pre-show research ) on the theme here:
We could use all kinds of assistance… financial, people ( with four limbs or however many ya got ), techie adepts, bar help. fiery voices and deep thinkers…
Please Join us, it’s going to be a wild experiment that you shouldnt miss…
Ya, it’s holidaze… so bring the whole frickin family…
THIS is way better then a shitty Hollywonk Christmas Flick..
If you’re in town, DON’T MISS THIS !
Dr. Podinski
and The XLterrestrials

0~~~~O—–o – arts + praxis organisms o—–O~~~~~0

EXtra Extra:
*** teahaus lounge ***
We are accepting donations for food, kaffee, teas, supplies…
and are hoping to provide a Vokü ( folks kitchen ) … soup or chili in the evening… if possible.
Get in touch if you would like to HELP !

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