The XLT Guide to Getting Your Omnivorous Interpet Fixed !



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We have encountered two incredible species in the sacrificial cybernetic jungles the last few weeks…

- Efficiency and Madness by Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski ( Tactical Tech Collective ) – pdf download -

- The Glossary of Broken Dreams, the film by “lumpenerd” Johannes Grenzfürtner ( Monochrom ) -

And it is entirely reckless for us to attempt to review and analyze them simultaneously…

But when surrounded by madness, we too are susceptible to the mad currents. We are now prone to ill-considered and drastic experiments. After all, we are as fully immersed in the ghastly guineapigdom as any of you dear readers… Here we are together, connected, through our devices, in this blood-data-orgy-feast, only an idiot-opportunist in academia or a start-up could love !

And this may be a wild gamble, but perhaps we CAN INDEED liberate ourselves by deconstructing the Master’s Haus with the Master’s tools…  so long as we rampantly disobey the instruction manuals that come with them. And wash our hands of all the toxic fallout and repercussions afterwards.

The XLT Guide to Getting Your Omnivorous Interpet Fixed !

coming soon !

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