Reclaiming + Nurturing The Exploratory Social Zones



If only we had time…  to make a deep research on what happens when instead of opening a can of worms ( like the ubiquitous misery of the unraveling industrial technospheres ), one instead comes upon a barrel full of magical seeds in a beautiful garden …

Festspielhaus Hellerau on the oustskirts of Dresden has gone from a pioneering theater, to a homebase for A.S. Neil’s Summerhill School ( liberated pupil-directed pedagogy) to a Nazi police academy, military hospital and barracks, to Soviet-occupied Kaserne, and back into a theater and artist residency center.

XLterrestrials had a chance to participate there, and we are working on writing a little reflection on the importance of reclaiming spaces for new exploratory social zones to meet the challenges of our times. And perhaps without getting too lost in the arts industry operations, radically transforming our plurality of cultures into something vastly more inhabitable by humans of all stripes.

to be cont.

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