Podopolizing the Fog of Elections

The stranger in the white suit and red hat arrived outside the Babylon Kino in Berlin Mitte, opened his car door with a Karaoke version of James Brown blaring “I Feel Good!” and sang along beautifully, ecstatic and wide-eyed; Even as he performed, he was real!

Later Barak Obama came out on a stage in Chicago’s Grant Park behind a bulletproof glass cage ( not surprising, but something the media did its best to conceal). All things iconic beamed far and wide across the satellite transmissions apparatus, a crane shot panned the arena and closed in as he sang the oft-repeated slogan-scripts of change and hope and unity, and only the very softest shades of MLK. The crowds roared here and abroad, and the closing soundtrack played on embarrassingly long while the families hugged like credits rolling on a Jerry Bruckheimer (celebrity-history-porn-) film that leaves nil space for thought. The big screen eventually and reluctantly switched back to the CNN talking heads and everything instantly returned to 6am, Nov.5th, 2008 (… Germany). Pieces of reality drifted in like the morning fog.

The Script Is Not The Map Is Not The Territory

xlt analysis – under construction…

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