XLt Radar v.8: Bits Und Baüme, and Dante’s Infernal Machine


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XLt Radar v.8:

< Nov.17/18 > Bits Und Baüme Conference at TU, Berlin

( Bits and Trees, a project in collaboration with Chaos Computer Club people )

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# bitsundbaeume

Can Digital Culture ( in a Hyper-Krapitalist world ) be sustainable?!!… Seems like a false nerd dichotomy for those who have realized way too late that we went down the wrong path, and yet still wishing there are ways to repair the damage, without fully unpacking all the baggage and exploitations of the technotopian ruse.

Well, let’s give them Some credit for trying to save whatever’s left of the living … and/or the next wave of start-up culture ;) ….  Or perhaps just nailing down the dead horse of Globalized Miscommunications Inc …

In any case, some good-intentioned and very sharp people can probably be found in the mix !


:::  A cobalt mine in the congo, ooops ! :::

But alas, there are green elves and ninjas to be found everywhere… and actions and organizing that needs to happen…


Stay tune for more …

Oh and Btw…

< Dec. 27-30 > Plans are being made for 35c3 – the 35th Chaos Congress – the 2nd year at the new Leipzig Messe Halle location…

And we have a strange idea …

We would like to create a “B-side” event to gather people who will NOT be attending … and watch the live streams together. This could be in Btropolis, Leipzig, Hamburg… or ?? … suggestions welcome ! Invitations welcome ! A host space needed !

We imagine a scenario somewhat like Mystery Science 3000… watching and trolling and psycho-media analyzing…  But also in a serious vein, we would like to discuss with people who are NOT necessarily of the technotopian persuasions ( and industries ) to discuss what they think about these obtuse digital culture adepts scheming better tech once again in 2018 for all our futures.

Perhaps even documenting these outsiders, maybe in some anonymous or costumed form, and as a feedback letter to those who have been our digital infrastructure ( and/ or “structural adjustment” ) guides through…  all of Dante’s Infernal Machines…

Suggestions and collaborators welcome !!

KIEZ notes:


It’s come down to this….

People are protesting EXTINCTION !

If you are not already reading George Monbiot, or not yet seen his latest… THIS IS A MUST READ:

The Earth is in a death spiral. It will take radical action to save us

And find out more about the Extinction Rebellion !


3 Responses to “XLt Radar v.8: Bits Und Baüme, and Dante’s Infernal Machine”

  1. Patrice Says:

    A 35c3 ‘off’ event/gathering is a good idea, ‘Venezia Biennale’ (& many others) style. But my principal personal issue with CCC congresses , apart from the tkt price ;-) , is mass. It’s not that I feel bad among 10K people (well, OK, a bit lost), but the info-overload and subsequent sense of purposelessness gets a bit overwhelming.

    So how to avoid that at an off event, which always runs the risk of being a remake of the main thing (like so many ‘un’ thingies, e.g. un- … conferences).

    Just curious, I have no idea on this aside from ‘make 1000 off events bloom’ …

    Cheerio, p+2D!

  2. BECHA Says:

    The places to wants can be: squats, hack-labs, asilum-centers, or even hackerspaces.

    It used to be organised under the tag “congress everywhere”:

    And, yes, we the “UnCivilised” have been gathering ourselves sporadically in real life, but for the online presence I recommend to your readers http://unciv.nl


  3. podinski Says:

    Thx for dropping in and leaving your comments… seems like a rare thing these days to actually go and knock on someone’s blog door… :) … … …. and always nice to know some good peeps are listening ! … Haven’t yet gotten any further with a b-side event for CCC… for now. Will write some news to the unciv list if things get more concrete.

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