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Coming again soon to a backyard theater near you !?!

XLt Radar v.6 + Kiez Notes Ext :

Incredible News ! One of the world’s largest corporate enterprises, a business with larger GDP than whole nations, was forced to back down and give up on their plans to install a start-up incubator “campus”.

Google Abandons Berlin Campus Plan After Locals Protest : The New York Times (25.10.2018):

Note: “Gloreiche Nachbarschaft” has a great resource, listing press clippings for following the news on Google + its Campus Project ( as well as other pressing Gentrification issues in Berlin).

Neighborhood communities were not amused with the idea of having a new tax-evading data-parasite, a global tech intestinal tape worm* – the size of Manhattan – hungry for a central seat at the table of Berlin’s developing digital industries, and more than likely with tentacles reaching into all aspects of our high-wired lives.

[ * re: tape worm. See Yasha Levine's book "Surveillance Valley" and Baffler article. We noticed he has the same analogy, or perhaps we had read it and forgot. In any case, it is an excellent metaphor - we should all use more often to describe Silicon Valley's strategies for its parasitic and weaponized economic platforms. ]

A colorful and persistent diversity of tactics began to sprout from small resistant gardens into an unmanageable jungle of loud discontents. First it was poster art in the streets alerting residents about the plans of a Silicon Valley player snatching up a lease for the Umspannwerk factory site on the Paul-Linke Ufer.  Then it was an overview and deep exposures of Silicon Valley trajectories in a widely distributed newspaper called Shitstorm. A rain of grafitti, stencil art, paint balls… and painted mattresses. Multiple sites, a wiki, stickers, plenums and lots of community forums and debate. Then it was anti-gentrification marches, monthly noise hours, info-rich spaziergangs ( walks / tours ), and stacks of brochures in every info-point, cafes, and shops. A slew of press posting the juicy tales and sharp imagery that linked and matched all the Googley Goo with the exact shape of all dark slithery underbelly things beneath each techno-colonialist rock. ( As James Bridle’s fresh book calls it : The New Dark Age, but more on that later ). … And lately we’ve even been noticing some weird electronic nodes of ( wifi / wlan ) disturbance showing up around town.


Goo’s CEO in Berlin, Rowan Barnett, ( correction ) spokesperson in Berlin, Ralf Bremer says he didn’t let the angry rabble determine the company’s next moves. ( Exact phrase: “We don’t allow ourselves to be dictated to by protests.” ) … Maybe he really doesn’t know the size of the Brechtian hammer and Kiez Solidarity that just hit them over the head. And the neighborhoods will surely want to have more say NOW, not LESS, in whatever happens NEXT ! That was the whole point !

NOte: We are still working on the idea of “A Community Terms Of Service” ( ABS in German )  for all companies who wish to “use” our Kiez. We do indeed plan to “dictate” our terms to all corporate krapitalist players, So please be ready to have an analog pen, a brain … and a beating heart… to take notes !

The city is now WIDE AWAKE ! So thank you Ralf, Rowan, Alphabet, Sergey, Larry, Eric… and of course a BIG SHOUT OUT to all those troublemakin “kids”, adept community organizers and all who showed up to foil their non-participatory, grab+take, shape-shifting surveillance-market expansion schemes.

Btropolis is a vibrant, dedicated, diverse and radical hive constructing the alternatives, a rebel city fighting back to re-design our social infrastructures and our ways of living together from the grassroots up ! The top-down Krapitalists’ game wielding the power of the new technologies ( and driving the wedges and distractions between us ) is no way to steer the future. In fact it’s currently enroute to collapsing our entire biosphere! That’s an ol’ sputtering rube, an obsolete and highly toxic machine! A techno-fascist endgame ! That’s an unsustainable extractive drain on all of us ! Time to switch operating systems … and fast… before this madness takes us all over the cliff !


to be cont.


XLT Radar v.6:

< Oct. 30.10 > 7. Kiezversammlung gegen Verdrängung
Dienstag, Einlass 19.00 Uhr, Beginn 19.30 Uhr
SO36, Oranienstr. 190, Berlin-Kreuzberg

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