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< 18-21.10 100 Years of Copyright, at HKW

- A Prelude -

136 Years of Corporate Personhood !

The framing of HKWs latest investigations into another very hot topic appear to be getting into the microscopic nitty-gritty of how we are currently getting screwed by the new colonial gold rush feeding frenzy ! And politely asking how we might do a little better for the artists.

But perhaps we will need to interject the macroscopic questions of what the digital cultures are force feeding our entire humanity. The post-humanist cannibal buffet ! Not to mention a WHOLE (stuffed terrestrial) EARTH for dessert.

In 1882, U.S. Senator Roscoe Conkling helped cook the 14th Amendment to extend Equal Protection to corporations… that little lab rat of “corporate personhood” has now grown up to be bigger – in some cases – than Nation States, with factory teeth the size of date center /server farms, the length of football fields and eight stories high.


I.e. Ranked the largest….  The Lakeside Technology Center (350 East Cermak) is a 1.1 million square foot multi-tenant data center hub owned by Digital Realty Trust.  One of the world’s largest carrier hotels and the nerve center for Chicago’s commodity markets, houses data centers for financial firms attracted by the wealth of peering and connectivity providers among the 70 tenants.

So while HKW discusses the impacts of how the legal frameworks of copyright and/or copyleft ( and all the grey zones inbetween, and radicals further out on the fringes ) are shaping or inhibiting culture ( with an emphasis on the music industry ), we might step back from the microscope and take a look at the legal infrastructures of corporate technologies, and how they are shaping ( and/or killing ) all life on the planet.

And maybe then, we can come up with a better game plan for how not to get screwed for the next 100 years… and/or ETERNITY.

to be cont. 

And in the meantime, here is a fantastic primer on the last 60 years of the cybernetic big Biz + politics ( + the end of politics ) from Anna-Verena Nosthoff and Felix Maschewski for the Institute of Network Cultures :

Res Publica ex Machina: On Neocybernetic Governance and the End of Politics


1. One could go back further to the 400+ years of the corporation. and the founding of the British East India Corporation in 1600. The image at the top was found ( and collaged ) after a quick search on corporate history, by Venkatesh Rao and Ribbon Farm .

2. At last year’s 34c3 Chaos Congress keynote, Sci-fi author Charlie Stross (@cstross) made the astute comment that that A.I. and its affects have already existed a couple centuries with the calamity of artificial corporate entities / personhood.

Tangent Alerts:

This week DEcode conference in Barcelona… #DecodeBcn #CiutatOberta…

All these issues of those Big Digital Big Data Pipelines and Surveillance Krapitalism were getting tossed around, analyzed and debated by the likes of Francesca Bria, Morozov, Shoshanna Zuboff, Wendy Liu and others… ( but we should have our critiques there as well, Barcelona’s appraoch to smart cities is very debatable ! XLT analysis required ! )

Coincidentally, Bria and Andrej Holm will be speaking about Rights to the City and Smart Cities in Berlin in early Nov. @ HKW for a Blatter Talk.  (date coming )

< 8.11 > Der Kampf Um Die Stadt w/ Richard Sennet, followed by discussion with Bria, Holm and Tamara Tischendorf (moderiert ), at HKW 19h

See more at

Very useful for those of you who may be following – on the edge of your seats or IN THE STREETS  – the Google Campus issues in the Kreuzberg neighborhood in Btropolis … and other tech company invasions… and issues of (tech ) sovereignty !

Follow more at

In Part 2, perhaps we’ll dive into how to do better in averting the tyrannical expansions of total Techno-fascism !


( foto, in Braunschweig, 1930s )

oder ?


<19-21.10> Radical Networks, at Spektrum

<21.10> 1000 Years of Copyright, at Pirate Cinema


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