XLt Herbst Radar v.5: 100 Years of SOLIDARITY !



ACTIONS, EVENTS, INTERVENTIONS ( and maybe a little art )


< 11.10 > MAAILMANKAIKKEUS @ Diskurs Berlin

< 11.10 > Solidarity in Cultural Work // Workshops, Heimathafen

< 11.10 > Platform Coops Berlin: Case Clinics, Supermarkt Berlin

< 12.10 > Syndikat-Verteidigung- Solidaritätskunggebung, Weisestr. 56, 18h

< 12.10 > Grenzen der Stadt, Grenzen des Wachstums – Gemeingüter jetzt! Prinzessingarten

< 13.10 > Die Offene Gesellschaft ist #unteilbar, Alexanderplatz, 12h ( FB )

< 13.10 > Blacklist #3 Film: Freightened, Spectrum

< 14.10 > Zusammen gegen Mietenwahn im Großbeeren-Kiez! ab 14.30h

< 15.10 >  Intergalactic Solidarity and the return to the Commons:The ZAD at Prinzessingarten ( FB )

< 17.10 > Kundgebung gegen die drohende Schließung der Jugendzentren Potse und Drugstore, Rathaus Schöneberg,John-F.-Kennedy-Platz 1, 10825 16uhr ( FB )

< 18-21.10 >  100 Years of Copyright, HKW.de

< 26.10 > Soli Concert and Party for Refugee Community Kitchen, Yaam

<Oct.> One World Film Festival – Berlin, Lichtblick Kino and Aquarium

to be cont…





( spoiler alert )

In One Hundred Years Of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez writes about an imaginary place called Macondo. For us, on the ground, Macondo was a very real time and place, an incredible locals-made cafe, a magical sub-culture habitat, in the Mission District of San Francisco, where we met many people from all over the world and/or just around the corner. During the tech-boom endtimes, Macondo – the cafe – was destroyed by a “hurricane” – a mix of gentrification, greed, crony politicians and real-estate mass-grave-diggers.

Spoiler : In Marquez’s novel Macondo is destroyed by a Hurricane, and a miserable, incestuous and oppressive history repeats itself.

Both Macondos are valid locators of time and place and situations.

Time to admit, much of the (celebrated) arts and culture world is just absolute self-indulgent shit and a time-wasting exercise to pave and prep the way for a slow stuffed death, where your own family will hang your clown head on the walls of some Texas library. ( True story, read the wiki, sorry no time for deeper research )

This kind of “Magic Realism” along with other techniques of whiling away one’s days and nights in prison cells, or building a career in a prison cell, or eating the spew that gets put on your plate in a prison cell ! This art doesn’t seem to live in the trenches nor the gardens nor in the solidarities nor in the paradises and the rebellions of NOW. It doesn’t even dream well of FUTURES within one’s grasp.

added: – ((( BTW, a comrade in the Netherlands has recently compiled a great resource of utopian sci-fi and speculative fiction, all women, who are pioneers of this much more radical genre of writing – link coming soon )))  -

So perhaps we must come to the conclusion that these antiquated and passive art forms may often just be for the purpose of walking the red carpets, or shaking hands with politicians, and having your archives stored in a fricking library in Texas, instead of your birthplace ( i.e. Colombia ) … I.e places which are currently either the dumping grounds of a continuous gang-rape imperialism, OR…  it’s in the communities that live and breathe liberation in the praxis of making new worlds ! At least it’s certain that we have this much free will in these times, and we’d better use it !

Hey btw, did ya read that news this week :  the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) report says that 2 degrees of CLIMATE BREAKDOWN ( Monbiot’s term ) would be a willful GENOCIDE ??!?… well the IPCC didn’t say it in those words exactly, but stuff we already knew for a relatively long time…. and we are no rocket nor climate scientists.

* Please note : Why we decided to pick on Marquez ( and magical realism as an art form ) this week is pretty random, and fits with our hurricane parallels  … And because we thought it was frickin hilarious – and a weird paradox – that it was Bill Clinton who helped get Marquez un-banned from the US ( for critiquing US imperialism, perhaps in his *wilder* days… but perhaps not very engaged in more direct action struggles to end, up end, resist and/ or undo it ).

We hope we didn’t manage to provoke you beyond your current absorption capacities (for humor and rage) if you are a fan of Marquez … or, we hope we DID manage to provoke you enough to head to one of the solidarity events above… and leave the magical realism for the spectacle-captured tweens caught in the eyes of multiple storms, busy reading some Harry Potter-like franchise… or watching the new whatever made for Netflix TV krimi soap-tacular distraction.

Wikiquote: ” Although García Márquez did portray the corrupt nature and the injustices of times like la violencia, he refused to use his work as a platform for political propaganda. “For him, the duty of the revolutionary writer is to write well, and the ideal novel is one that moves its reader by its political and social content, and, at the same time, by its power to penetrate reality and expose its other side.”

Um, that might be worth unpacking, deconstructing and reassessing. Cause we aint got no time anymore for the backseat art department !


Btw, Hurricane Michael isn’t all bad news … somewhere in the Florida panhandle.



We are currently assembling resources for an expanded investigation of “100 Years Of Copyright” – a program at the HKW, which happens to be scheduled in the midst of their pretty mediocre exhibition on the Situationist International, called the Most Dangerous Game, but doesnt seem either to be playing for REAL stakes.


( deep-thinking revolutionary art and strategy…  in glass cases ?! )

In a nice synchronicity, Yahsa Levine was just passing through the Btropolis… the author of Surveillance Valley… and this article for the Baffler, All Eff’d Up, which we’ve posted around before. A fantastic starting point for getting into some deep debates on where we are at in the Military Industrial Free-for-All Webs.

And wondering how we might go about reclaiming livelihoods and protecting the labor of content producers in today’s conglomerate wet dream of interconnected exploitations.

to be cont.



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