XLt Herbst Radar v.4: “Who Killed Virginia Ramos ?!” The City Of Titanium Skulls !


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< 5.10 >  Noise Against the Goo ! Kberg – LandwehrKanal ( More info : F.O.G )

< 3.10 > No Nation / Antifa, Mauerpark

< 5-14.10 >  Urbanize.at, multiple venues

< 13.10 > Blacklist #3 Film: Freightened, Spectrum

< 18-21.10 >  100 Years of Copyright






Q: “Who Killed Virginia Ramos ?!”

A. The City Of Titanium Skulls ! – ( SF )


The legendary Tamale Lady- Virginia Ramos -  passed away at the age of 65 in San Francisco last week at SF General.

… A few years ago the Mission District community put out a call to help her raise funds – and a Kickstarter ) for her own Kitchen / Shop …. and many musicians created songs that were included for this little doc ) … after the city officials barred her from selling her home-made food at the bars around the hood, like Zeitgeist, Lucky13 and Shotwells Bar.

SHE DIED STILL WAITING FOR A CITY PERMIT ( and a loan?) – a process began around 2103 ! … A city shitting out endless unnecessary technologies, or worse, constructing the colonizing corporate state infrastructures … couldn’t figure out how to make the life of a simple working-class entrepeneur (who was loved by so many ) a little easier…

Watch / Listen : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9ulLQRBOek&feature=channel

Read the Obit in The Mission Local

And in other news…


Supreme Court Tines Up ?!! The patriarchy reeks of rotting flesh…


KIEZ NOTES part 2:

“IF you got an < alert message > this week from His High Squirmyness “Auto-Oranga-Tunes”…. NOW is the time to consider evacuating the new digital age of telephonic sperm facials ! …. Give up all mobile communications until telecom monopolies are broken up, and true regulations protect anonymity/ identity / privacy. In other words, forever!…. The technotopian dream of a world wide web as a “central nervous system of humanity or society ( C.Doctorow ) has been achieved, and it’s utterly humiliating and irredeemable ! Game Over ! ” – XLterrestrials analyst

to be cont…

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