XLt Herbst Radar v.3: Situations – Then, Now, Inbetween and Around the Burning Bend …


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( foto: somewhere in 1990, midway between 68 and now. )

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< Sept. 27 – Dec. 10 > The Most Dangerous Game – The Situationist International en route for May ’68 at HKW, Berlin

A preview:

There aren’t many cultural institutions that would dive into a Situationism retrospective … head first… heart first… fist first… brick first.  Some might dip a few toes in the pool, show a film or two, assemble a panel, publish another book, experiment with ludic interactions…

It’s practically impossible to get it right ( i.e. radical enough ) … and in-synch with the current SITUATIONS…. and in the heat of all the international moments… especially when it’s transpiring within the big budget walls of a gallery/venue – the ol’ HKW bubble – that’s literally just across the street from a refurbished and ticking ( and/or foaming at the mouth? ) Reichstag.

But godly blessings to HKW for having a strange go at it ! … We’re pretty sure there’ll be something there for the whole family ;) … and even aliens. The XLterrestrials will have to go ! And we’ll be looking inbetween the lines and feel obliged to take things off the shelves and out of the glass cases  and figure out where precisely to plug all that neatly categorized knowledge ( and archival materials ) into the 21st century’s short circuiting Danse Macabre … and any useful, realtime cultures of renewed resistance.

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Standby… over the coming weeks we are bound to scream and shout and kick … and try to break free … from the latest taxidermists’ spectacular ( and immobilized ) parade-loops.

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( possibly from Jamie Reid, not confirmed )

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< Sept. 28 > Wir Bleiben Alle Demo, Senefelder Platz , 16h

< Sept. 28 > Erdogan Not Welcome, Potsdamer Platz, 16h

< Sept. 28 > Auch Pandion ist kein guter Nachbar! Prinzessinstr. 34, 20h ( FB Invite )

< Oct.17-20 > One World Berlin Human Rights Film Festival ( Fb invite )

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The status quo(s) of the destructive operating systems know full-well that tensions and unrest will erupt… And there is this odd but familiar feeling that we are being prepped for the next cycle … It’s as if they are often able to channel into territories and safer spaces of their choosing… like opening up a little steam valve in a back alley or someone else’s backyard to take off the pressure !

There was a sharp doc awhile back about the Tottenham riots ( title coming ), which analyzed how these cyclical eruptions of volatility and unsustainable “situations”suddenly… explode…  and the roots of the problems ( and the racism) remain mostly unscathed… uninterrupted… unliberated… And the oppression goes on again for another brutal round, to keep things in their place.

So we must be wary what set-ups and traps and what little outlets… may get laid for The People ( and all those expressions of discontent ).

We are surely getting played on multiple game boards ( i.e. populist campaigns, politics of fear and hate, etc. ). All of us who work towards effective social change… must remember that we will have to navigate the trickery, while tackling all the obstacles ( yeah yeah, u know: Be realistic, demand the impossible ). … And it is always wise to have our feet firmly on the ground and a vision for what we really really want … find as many battles that can be won … and not just play the first levels, of what we are against !

to be cont.

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