XLt Herbst Radar v.1 + + Kiez Notes : Counter Initiatives !


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The proposed Google Campus building – the Umspannwerk – in Kreuzberg has been OCCUPIED today !

#Besetzen #GoogleCampus  / #FuckOffGoogle

#Bestezen blog site

*Neu* # G17a

Statement from the occupiers at Indymedia.de ( de only) … in short: to prevent the campus from opening, and to counter the exploding rent increases, and to utilize the space for something better. 

The occupation was within a couple hours forcibly evicted, but a demonstration remained outside the building into the evening. The movement issued statements that this is the beginning, the “herbst” of  occupations, and more will follow.

There were reports of one occupier being (seriously) injured in the eviction… and 5 or 6 people being arrested. 

Mini-Report ( and #besetzen demands in Eng )  by Enough is Enough.

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+ XLT Herbst Radar – Upcoming Dates +

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Sept. 7-9 – Disruption Lab – Infiltration
Sept. 8 – Artists at Risk : Mutatis Mutandis,  Galerie Kai Dikhas
Sept. 6-9 – Experiment Days in Haus Der Statistik + Prinzessingarten
Sept. 21 – Netzpolitik Konferenz
Sept. 27 – Laibach – Gesamtkunstwerk, Klang, Bild und Politik, Slowenischen Kultur Zentrum
Sept. 27- Dec.10 – The Most Dangerous Game – Situationism, HKW


Sept. 7 – Anti-Google Lärm Stunde, Landwehrkanal – 18-19h

( 1st fridays of the month, nice timing ! )

Sept. 7 – ( new) Embryo at SoWieSo
Sept. 8 – ( new ) Embryo at Supa Molly
Sept. 8 – Veteranenstr. Festival

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to be cont…



” Dear citizens and non- and anti-citizens, just a friendly DIRE WARNING ! IF you are not paying attention to local struggles, you have little-to-no hope of winning ANYTHING !… You will likely lose your city and your home ! … And you will likely lose your community… and any form of tolerable governance or any freedoms from state + corporate subjugation. And you will likely have zero leverage to affect any positive outcomes for anything even remotely resembling a sustainable future on planet earth… … … ” XLt analyst

With that in mind, we wish to write a few kiez notes on initiatives “from below” ( as in : “stadt von unten” – city from below) .

We cannot live and eat protests and demands alone. We must be for another possible world, and actively create and share inhabitable in-progress dreams. We have a few thoughts on realizing some “counter” projects ! Counter to an oppressive corporate state! Counter to predatory Krapitalism ! Counter to the Dead Zones and War Zones !

These  projects will also require some economic strategies, or they may only exist as remote and/or temporary islands…  which cannot maintain or defend themselves… nor withstand various adversarial factors. We may need to become hybrids of an old and new world.


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