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No Time Like The Present…



Please see XLT Radar v.11 for most links, while we add some newer news and important KIEZ dates + fresh Notes here…


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Yesterday was a demo against Nazis and Rightwing Violence in Neukoelln – Ob Chemnitz oder Neukölln: Auf die Straße gegen rechte Gewalt – as a response to the Nazi mobs in #Chemnitz, #Saschen… Reports of up to 10,000 marched in the streets.  And this weekend there will be #Antifa demos (and a big soli concert? see below. ) taking place there. Many from Berlin will likely head down to participate. We are hunting for more info to post here.

Here on one of “our blocks” is the Reichenberger Kiezfest, and there will be some XLterrestrials tabling some info on the ANTI-GOO campaign(s) and against the rising rents and the oppression by greedy and speculating landlords…

And also on the Goo theme: TOP and CounterCampus are also organizing a DEMO against gentrification and corporate tech + digital colonialism, which begins at 14h at Oranienplatz, and we’ve heard will pass by the Reichenberger fest.  ( see links at XLT Radar V.11 )…

AND on Sat. evening XLT and GLOBALISTA RADIO KIT highly recommend a rare chance to see the legendary ASian Dub Foundation playing a live soundtrack to the film La Haine. ( A recurring project, but perhaps a 1st time in Berlin ). As part of a weekend-long program called SpreeViera festival at YAAM on the Spree.


We stopped by the opening night of the Black Biennale at Kule, in Auguststr. in Mitte. There’s a month long program for this exhibition, which takes aim at their neighbors down the street, KW Institute which is one of the institutions that hosts the Berlin Biennale, titled ( strangely ?)  “We Don’t Need Another Hero” after the Tina Turner song.

This year they invited a whole team of black curators, since they had been so absent in the past history of the Biennale. Only one could now argue that they haven’t successfully filled their halls with any serious black themes, so Kule Venue tries to fill the gaps…

And their exhibit is heavily framed around the dark history of German Colonialism in Afrika. For example the horrible atrocities in Namibia, for which the German government has never officially recognized nor apologized for, nor paid reparations for !  The opening nite was Aug. 30th, the date of the annual memorials which take place in a number of cities in Germany. We will post some of the events still to come. Important stuff !

Always good to see the arts and culture world coming together in difficult times to try and confront the rise of a nasty populism. A bunch of music groups are billed for a solidarity concert against racism called …

< Sept.3 > Wir Sind Mehr, Chemnitz ( FB invite )

A little historical backround to understand the troubles in east germany, Sachsen region… in the UK Guardian today:

Germany’s far right never went away, but festered in its eastern stronghold by James Hawes

( We are no experts on the matter, so we cannot verify it’s accuracy, but seems useful to get an overview of the “festering” political turmoils. )

to be cont.

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