XLt Summer Radar v.11: Everywhere and Nowhere …



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Upcoming + Essential :

< Aug 23 > Podiumsdiskussion : Kommen Und Gehen Oder Gelebte Gemeinschaft, @ Kunstpunkt, Schlegelstr. 6 – Mitte

< Aug 25-26 > Occupy Flutgraben, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin ( FB Invite )

< Aug 30 > Kiezversammlung gegen Verdrängung, SO36, 19:00h

< Aug 30 > Ob Chemnitz oder Neukölln: Auf die Straße gegen rechte Gewalt… Demo am Hermannplatz, 18:30h  ( Fb Invite )

< Sept. 1st > Demonstration: GOOGLE CAMPUS UND CO VERHINDERN! 14 Uhr // Oranienplatz, Kreuzberg

< Aug 31 -Sept. 1 > Reichenberger Kiezfest hosted by Regenbogenfabrik and Lause Bleibt, Kreuzberg ( Fb Invite part 1 and 2 )

< Sept.7 -8 > Infiltration: Challenging Supremacism

< Sept. 8 >The Artists at Risk (AR) Pavilion – Berlin: mutatis mutandis


Essential Music:

< Aug 31 > Eröffnung MdzM / Kontraklang: Splitter Orchester + Felix Kubin

< Sept.1 > La Haine der Film mit Asian Dub Foundation & Dj Cut Killer @ Yaam … part of the….

< Aug31 – Sep.2 > Spreeviera Festival at Yaam

< Sept.5 > Embryo: A Journey of Music and Peace Premiere

Also recommended :

< Every Sunday > Aktion offener Sonntag in der Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek

< Aug 31 > Critical Mass Berlin

to be cont. ( and more links )




( Spreeviera ! )

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KiEZ NOTES: Everywhere and Nowhere …

( work-in-progress )

Digital Culture is having some massively unpleasant side effects…

You could even argue that in many ways this new frontier resembles a new pharmaceutical product – a miracle drug or a recreational drug or maybe even a PKD-like “god-making” drug ( i.e. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, 1965 ) – which was released by mostly corporate interests for public consumption, without testing any of the implications it would have on society. Not over years, and certainly not over decades.

And yet here we are, almost 30 years into the grand cybernetic experiment ! And if you’re still wondering what it was meant to fix, so are we. And if you are still wondering if it is a “good” recreational drug,… well, we can perhaps definitively say: many have clearly found some quite in-depth temporary escapes from the physical / embodied world, but quite possibly at the tragic detriment of a collective well-being and/or the required-for-living-organisms sustainability of the planetary eco-system.

The irony is not lost on us that quite a large percentage of Silicon Valley pioneers were also *psychonaut* tinkerers. Great to have around for the wild transpersonal “parties” and exploration ( and for all that military + krapitalist cash flow); Apparently not so great to find them working on, or resolving issues related to racism and white supremacy, abuse of power, neo-colonialism, authoritarianism, global mafia-scale criminality , exacerbated inequalities, wall street implosion, poverty, runaway climate breakdown, wars and international diplomacy, refugee crises, childcare, parenting, krapitalism, hyper-orwellian manifestations überalles, developing a culture with codes, customs + ethics for social responsible practices … and socio-economic and political house cleaning at the end of the dark and deep psyche-tipping nights  ;)

The power of the internet has given us the uncanny ability to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time… “the NOGO-sphere” … more or less drowning in information + data-plunderings …  and yet still creating highly manipulatable populations, who are utterly clueless, poorly misinformed and/or detached from the hard realities. “Filter Bubbles” ( Eli Pariser ) is putting it lightly… in a Barnes and Noble kind of way.

The schisms and instability in Trumplands, May-lands, Orbanlands, Duterte-lands, Modi-lands. Saudi prince-lands, Disneytopia-lands, Goo(gle)-lands … ( and/or name your favorite rabid new nationalistic or transnationalistic horror show ) …  are now glaringly present in today’s political, neo-liberal and predatory climate(s)… and all are ready to boil over… in our laps.

But surely this is not due to the technologically-driven devolution of humanity alone. There’s a massive list of problems in the current stew ! And it would be hard to rank them on a scale of importance…

BUt … if we were to make a quick, kind of sacrilegious, thought experiment… If we take the issue ( + time and space ) within which we are currently inhabiting a majority of our waking hours… We ( speaking as XLTerrestriasl;  Feel free to make your own personal calculations ) would have to start with TIME SPENT in the DIGITAL CULTURES + the miscalculating NOTIONS of TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS as PRIMARY ROOTS of things in our lives going seriously awry and disjointed !

This would also include the submersion into daily media newsfeeds that respresent the dismal prospects for any sustainable, or even rational, collective future.

At the least, we might conclude that digital culture is not going to be any cure for the human condition…  Unless of course, you’re willing to buy into all that new religion advertising of Post-Humanity, that’s being given the ubiquitous hard-sell by all those vested interests !


Part 2 : The Mass Mediation Peddlers



( ( foto: David Pecker, hard at work in the still wildly profitable heydays of realtime misinformation streaming ) )

One of the fresh new scandals out of the White Magic Kingdom coming through our mass media newsfeeds just yesterday is the story of the sleazeball media mogul David Pecker ( National Enquirer and American Media Inc. CEO ). Does this seem a bit relevant to our digital cult analysis ? … Yes, even while this seems like a tale out of the old hardcopy corporate media publishing world, it nevertheless reveals a continued surreal weaponization of The Spectacle and the realms of these Simularcum-enriched days.

How many Peckers does it take to screw in an FBI lightbulb ?

to be cont. :)



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