XLt Radar v.10: Suddenly, Last Tails of Summer


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- please note : We are still listing FB invites, but at your own risk ! We fully support the #deletefacebook campaigns, as it is a very dangerous surveillance krapitalist parasite/monopoly! And yet there are many of us who rely on it to reach audiences and the public, and do not – as yet – have enough satisfactory alternatives. It’s complicated ! …  ALSO  check v. 9 for more still active and upcoming XLT RADAR dates -

AND check Stressfaktor for all your anarcho-syndicalist + solidarity + social justice +  riot needs, i.e. the serious stuff, and not just our entertainment fluff !

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< Aug 14 > Flashmob “GRENZEN AUF FÜR DIE #AQUARIUS“! Um 18 Uhr an der Oberbaumbrücke! https://seebruecke.org/events/grenzen-auf-fur-die-aquarius/ #Seebrücke #Seenotrettung


< Aug 17 > Lause Bleibt #3 - gegen Verdränung ! – with Barbara Morgenstern + Christian Biegai, Lausitzerstr.10 ( Fb invite )

< Aug 17 > Multiversal #85 ( exp. noisy ), Villa Kuriosum ( Fb invite )

< Aug 18 > Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals, Ostkreuz ( Fb Invite )

< Aug 31 -Sept. 1 > Reichenberger Kiezfest…

< Sept.1 > 1 La Haine der Film mit Asian Dub Foundation & Dj Cut Killer @ Yaam ( Fb invite )


To Boycott or Not to Boycott ! A very very interesting question…

< Aug 15-17 > Pop Kultur – concerts, discussions, commissioned works – @ Kulturbrauerei

We heard about the BDS for Palestine movement boycotting Pop Kultur fest a couple? years ago… B/c one of its partners/sponsors is the Israeli Embassy in Berlin. Now with the new Nation-State law passed, which goes even further toward an apartheid state, this is again a very hot topic!

Pop Kultur even scheduled a panel discussion this year re: Boycotting with an Israeli author Lizzie Dorn, and Berlin’s Kultur Senator Klaus Lederer… but not with a BDS supporter, nor an arab perspective on the issue !

XLt are investigating further… In the meantime you can follow the protest voices on twitter at @BoycottPKBerlin


More coming Soon !

Send Us YOUR tips, thoughts, feedback, perspectives ! … or not, but just do us a favor … and consider everything deeply !

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“Mass media was never about connecting people, it was about carpet bombing the masses with the overlords’ putrid spew and order … Today, its corporate progeny – The Internet – is nothing more than an extended invisible wanker’s hand injecting it into your individual daily gruel from above!”

“While we can communicate this to about *5* scattered eyes + ears at a time, there is the illusion of an empowered civic sphere in the digital realm, but try to broadcast any matrix-peeling onion-dissections or radical resistance to a whole broader community, and you are very likely to experience the electronic gates quickly shuttered. Any real communication + organizing arts with sufficient political and physical world gains are limited. We must continue to develop tactical tools, but the revolutions will not be digitized. “

” There is a moment in an asymmetric game of chess against a corporate opponent (with unlimited financial resources ), your best move may be to toss the rigged board into the air ! “

XLt analysis

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