XLT Anaylsis: The Real Meaning Behind All The Kleptocracy Collusions !


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The Real Meaning Behind All The Kleptocracy Collusions !

The notion that there are “climate change deniers” at the helm of many authoritarian regimes is misleading. Sure, there exist a good number of lobotomized politicians who may believe their own flatulence, but they are more like pawns in a spectacular theatrical front!

Much of the 1% ( and the .o1% ) – the oligarchs  and the kleptocrats – who prop up these lobotomied politico figureheads -  know what havoc they are creating to our environment and to our society. They are well-aware that the time has come to pay their bills for decades, if not centuries, of unsustainable extractive plunder, colonialism, wars and deception. And perhaps not all, but many, are like addicted gamblers, they would rather bet on long shots ( or shore up more wins ) than do the hard work it requires to clean up the insane global mess they’ve been major players in leaving behind. These are more than just treacherous, treasonous times; Our current global situation is one which threatens ubiquitous war, total mutual destruction and mass ecocide !

“It is much easier for the high-rolling krapitalists to imagine the end of the world, than the end of their regimes … and sitting in the dock of criminal prosecutions. “ – XLt analyst

But…  do not despair! Do not become paralyzed! Do not be those rabbits in their incorporated, bulldozer headlights!  … We don’t have to follow them into their foxholes and bunkers, their abysmal strategies, their vested/profiteering interests, nor their ludicrous escapism, nor their blatant lies and malfeasance !

NOW is the to time to construct mutually-benefiting + cooperative social systems…  and there are endless experiments + practices that we can take to make them within our own communities, or even try to make them scale to global networks. We would be idiots not to try some out today, when the planet is in such a perilous grip of sadists and masochists and suicidal gits  !

There aren’t easy answers, and it can take alot of time to figure out just how to get your feet wet in the new territories, where to begin and where to invest your efforts, or to find investment + resources to make community projects really catch, take root, work out.

To make matters more complicated, the current powers are directly in opposition to changing the systems. ( Buckminster Fuller’s work is one interesting example that colliided with the gatekeepers, i.e the builders’ lobby groups ). So we will simultaneously need to devise methods and political maneuvers to break the locks ( and laws ) that prevent other systems to flourish.

But this post is not meant to go too deep into the conflict zones… but rather point out  that there are tons of gifted and well-intentioned thinkers who are suggesting numerous, reasonable… and exciting… solutions and paths ! And perhaps to begin, those routes with fewer risks and fewer (direct or visible) provocations.

While we work on bringing more info resources to this little re-thinking table ( blog ) , here’s a few resources to get you going… of course there’s incredibly deep philosophical texts for all this ( a large majority of those published being over-intellectualizing white guys with beards ), but we’re looking for small immediate steps, things that feed and nourish us right now, things that keep us afloat now in the storms, and keep us motivated and moving together for the long haul… or the long voyages to elsewhere!

No no, not Musk-tacean Martian leaps, just small realtime steps for our already grandiose earthly kind !

— George Monbiot’s Out Of The Wreckage

— Chris Carlsson’s latest Nowtopia blog ( a quick read )

We haven’t had a chance to look at this, but might be useful here, and because the XLterrestrials are stifled in our own financial quandaries… and this author is recommend by George Monbiot who spent the last year(s) for his latest book collecting the best examples he could find….

— Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics

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