XLT Summer Radar v.7: Save the Planet, One *Kiez* At A Time !




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Save the Planet, One *Kiez* At A Time !

Note: Kiez is a word which may have origins from slavic language…  and perhaps referred to eastern settlements near German towns. It’s now a contemporary form of saying one’s “hood” ( district, quartier , viertel )… and which similar to “hood” can have a kind of mocking or negative connotation. It’s used often in various neighborhoods in Berlin ( like WrangleKiez in Kreuzberg ), now both positive and negative implications in times of accelerated gentrfication.  It’s also used in other northern german cities like Hamburg.



< 28.7 > Google Verhindern – Kiezspaziergang – demo + tour of the tech invasion, at Koti, 16:00h


< 27.7 > Critical Mass Ride, Mariannenplatz, 20:oo h

ARTs + CULTs :

< 27-29.7 > Lacuna Lab 3x anniversary + exhibition, Paul-Linke Ufer – ( FB invite )

< 27.7 – 18.8 > Wassermusik – Goodbye UK – And Thx For the Music – Konzert, Filme, Open Air – Includes: Adrian Sherwood + Little Axe, Mathew Herbert, Orlando Julius + The Heliocentrics, Eva Lazarus, etc. + a film + panel discussion on Brexit, at HKW


Douglas Rushkoff has a disturbing essay ( On Medium and in The Guardian ) presumably as part of his forthcoming new book Team Human looking at the gruesome culture of bunkering elites who are shaping the great digital cult escape ( to nowhere ) … but perhaps doesnt point out enough that the corporate structures are what has given these idiots their power over our future ! And he remains still a little too nostalgic for the tech culture in the 90s. We’d be more inclined to call the naive dupes and stooges of the tech industries entirely responsible for the Cybernetic Regime ( our term ) that got inserted into all our shopping-bagged digital lives.

And we noticed at the bookshop yesterday, Bruce Sterling had put out a awhile back (2014) a sharp + concise little pamphlet, which describes well the whole Internet of Things coming down the Silicon pipe,… But tells us very little about how to fight the GAFAM ( Goo, Amazon, Frackbook, Apple, Microsoft, etc. ) that will try to shove it down our throats… The newer package for this these days is Smart Cities, and we need to confront it, with new strategies + new campaigns !

It’s very disappointing that Netzpolitik – based in Berlin – STILL seems to be “refusing” (?) to cover the massive Kiez uprising against the INDUSTRIALIZING FACTORY GOO, oozing ubiquitously in realtime into every aspect of our lives,  offshores its profits to avoid paying billions in taxes around the globe, and has built its entire business on surveillance krapitalism.

Glorious news relayed by Geert Lovink that due to the Cambridge Analytic scandals and the Zuckerborg’s dismal performance responding to all the criticism ( in congress and eslewhere…  and btw where’s COO Sheryl Sandberg ? ), Frackbook has taken the largest net worth DIVE in history. EU no longer trusts the company, obviously, and people are leaving the platform … in droves ?! … time will tell ! #deletefacebook



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