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XLT newsletter : This is NOT a KICKSTARTER, it’s an APPEAL to ENGAGE !

Dear arts and praxis friends,

This is a newsletter to communicate what we are up to the next months.
but first we must admit that we are reaching out here to RAISE FUNDS for
some crucial new steps to upgrade our activities.


Become a CiTiZEN KiNO + XLterrestrials supporter TODAY !
Please consider donating – or investing – to help us spread the visions,
creativity and practices ( from a range of diverse sources ) for more alternative and community-based cultures, as a means to navigate our challenging times !

For many years ( since at least 1997, if we had to pick one specific
milestone moment) the XLterrestrials have been collaborating with
artists, activists, media makers, scientists, writers, journalists,
educators, event producers, venues, institutions, NGOs, community
organizers, positive tactical-tech hackers, social change pioneers,
etc…. all to explore the means and paths to better possible worlds. The
majority of this work has been non-profit + volunteer, driven by our
passions to make arts and culture, and to find ways to be relevant and
pragmatic within a variety of ( inescapable ) political struggles.

And we are now feeling an urgent need to improve and expand our projects
in order to serve our communities better, and to build better networks
to assist in the many social, political, economic and ecological crises
on the rise around us.

If you would like to contribute money please reply to this mail,
podinski (at ) mailbox ( dot ) org and ask us about :
1. our paypal account 2. a patreon “subscriber” account, or 3.
supporting by other means

No amount is too small or too large ! We are grateful for all levels of
support !

AND if you are interested in really getting more deeply engaged with our
efforts, there are a number of projects that have – with the right
budget or “capital” -  the potential to turn into successful investments
and partnerships. I.e. a touring show, a distributable new media
educational platform, and collectively-made (+ owned) merchandise /
production.  ASK US for more info !

TO FOLLOW more about our fundraiser, and what objectives, strategies and
plans we have for the coming months… visit the Podopolog online, which
will provide updates to this newsletter over the next weeks:

( where you can read about 11 projects we are already working on )


concerned fellow global citizens !

Dr. Podinski aka Podrescu

- XLterrestrials co-founder -


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MORE NEWS about Upcoming Projects coming  …


( Write us,  go beyond THE LURK ! give us feedback ! engage ! send us a little <3 )

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By CONTRIBUTING to our FUNDRAISER, YOU WILL BE HELPING US  ( and in essence ALL PLANETARY BEINGS ) … to accomplish the following:

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1. Continue the XLterrestrials Arts + Politics + Tactics  Podopolog / Blog, which includes things like the The XLT Radar, informing readers about upcoming events and actions … and all kinds of analysis and investigative research on topics like Cultures of Resistance. hotspot autonomous zones like La ZAD, gathering news about strategies for climate justice, and academic-level insights into topics like the Anthropocene and Technosphere, etc…

2. Further develop our arts and media educational platform CiTiZEN KiNO, which includes experimental tactical media + interactive community screenings ( on a roughly 1x a month basis ). We believe this is one of our most viable product/ projects that we think can spread as a new platform for ( new ) media education, and serve as a community service to help navigate the severe challenges we face today.  It involves a face-to-face method of analyzing media + the news + urgent situations together in interactive public forums.

3. We are currently doing research on a local BERLIN community legend Ortwin Rau, who passed away last month. Cause of death may have been leukemia, but we have not yet verified those sources. We are interviewing colleagues and collaborators to better understand how he maintained a complex cultural center which became a kind of home for Berlin’s diverse ethnic communities, Africans in particular.  We wish to make public some of his strategies for running the Yaam venue, and how he navigated the local political arenas to keep it alive and vibrant over the last 2.5 decades, and on some of the most valuable riverside properties in the city !

4. We need to upgrade and redesign the XLT website, secure the domain and move the project to safer and legally-protected servers. And we need to pay some tech and artist and designer help for this.

5. We wish to tour the CiTiZEN KINO project this fall, to both the Climate Summit in Poland, and to the deep racist south of the Chumplands.

6. We plan to create CiTIZEN KiNO poster exhibitions in Berlin and other cities as an economic device, to sell the art works in galeries and online to generate income / resources for keeping the live series going.

7. We plan to publish a book on tactical media, essays combined with event posters ,  as an archive of our short but deep history of analyzing the heavy topics through the CiTiZEN KiNO platform, but with insights and strategies to cut through the thick spectacle culture, now in the grips of a new pervasive digital colonialism.

8 We need to pay staff / colleagues, and we need to pay ourselves, after all these years of self-exploitation and burnout…

9. We dream of influencing new media education, and we want to do it through the backdoor of the artworld and theater stages. We are humbled by the challenges of our times, but we think we have immense amounts of knowledge about these digital environments and what has recently been called  a “failed digital revolution”. And we are searching for ways to escape the technological labyrinths, and methods  to reclaim the lost territories of content production !

10. We wish to attend and write about a number of upcoming conferences… including two unusual hacker conferences in Europe this summer, and the Intergalatic Solidarity summit at La ZAD in France.  Note, we try always to travel by land, and not fly whenever possible !

11. Have you heard about the Google Campus projects ?! They are Silicon Valley start-up incubators already operating in 6 different metropolitan areas ( Toronto, Warsaw, Sao Paolo, Tel Aviv, etc. ) … The next campus set to open is in Kreuzberg – Berlin this fall, and the  XLT is working with multiple community groups to investigate and report on the impacts to local neighborhoods ( AND its implications for global IT businesses )… and if possible stop its colonizing impacts to our hood !

to be cont.

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