XLt Summer Radar v.6 : Yo Collusion !




< Juli 20-22 > 28.Schokoladen Hoffest, B-Mitte

added: Sunday, last day of the Schokoladen Hoffest, which is FREE, and raises money from food + drinks for the whole haus project ( and various programs + projects for the whole year )… PLUS it’s the 28th bday and to celebrate the successes of ( 80/90s ) squat culture ! AND The Incredible Herrengedeck play at 18.30… what MORE could you ask for !? … ANOTHER 28 YEARS or ELSE !

< July 28 > Kiezspaziergang / Demo to Stop Google and its Berlin Campus project, from the Google Verhindern and other Kiez resistance groups, Kreuzberg

( more info soon )

< Aug, 4- 20 > Ex-Embassy Exhibition, Talks Performances and Texts, at the former Australian embassy to the GDR, Grabbeallee 34, 13156 Berlin

An XLt READING and Browing List:

While we’ve got tons of material for both reasonable and wild theories regarding COLLUSION… we might begin our analysis by saying… If YOU are not currently colluding, you are part of the problem ! ;)

stay tune…

… LOTS More Coming !

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