XLt Launches Viral PsyOp Ad Nauseam Counter-Campaign ;)



More Details to Come !

The Xlterrestrials have been using a VJ tool program called Modul8 for many years, not only for film/video mixing but graphic collage. Here we have layered Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu onto the Migrant Children Kidnapper-in-Chief’s image…

We’d like to create a viral campaign…

Mix your own monstrous character imagery onto any current racist warmonger politico…

And let’s create a hideous re-useable gallery for all media outlets to use whenever these dangerous characters are covered in the news. Of course corporate media is highly unlikely to take our suggestions, but we CAN create tactical trends in grassroots media !

Mass Media today IS a massive, militarized Psychological Operation ( Psy Op ). That is to say, used as a weapon. How long exactly this has been the case is difficult to say, and some would argue mass media has always been a weapon, that is its history ! ( The first television experiments were by the 3rd Reich during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, ArpaNet online communication was cold war tech, the Eniac computer was for building nuclear bombs, etc. )

In the new Burnt Orange Era, we are bombarded with absurdities and inanity on a daily basis, with intent to paralyze us !

We too, as artists, should also utilize our skills for the surreal, the absurd and the grotesque. We can on a mass scale and by sheer numbers and wild imaginations outdo them ! We too can go over the top ! Potentially, we could even break the Psy Op machine ! Dada, afterall was just such a semiotic attack !

We cannot ignore the onslaught of terrible news related to these characters’ very real impacts upon the world, but we can help depict them ( and their imagery ) in such a way so that we can induce greater dis-ease with our dismal situations and bombard the dismal repetition ! And we CAN motivate for more rapid and *radical* change ! The sooner we replace and de-select these MoFos from our newsfeeds, AND from their positions of power, the better for EVERYONE !

Ready  ! Set ! Go ! …

Make your own !

And let’s rid the world of these ridiculous and truly dangerous political phantoms and blood-suckers from our daily lives !

We like to call them #Vampirekrapitalists … but feel free to hashtag them with your own descriptive and tactical texts !

Some of the IMAGES to come were collage work we began during the 2015/16 US election campaigns… But we are only just getting started…

We will SHOCK YOU into full engagement !


#VampireKrapitalism #TacticalPsyOp

We certainly can’t rely on twitter as our tactical media base, but feel free to test the limits there… And at Mastadon.social !

a work-in-progress

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