XLT Summer Radar: Stadt Von Unten / City From Below ! v.3


( foto: @ Rosa Luxemburg Platz, Graffiti Writers Wanted in Btropolis ! …

Apply Now ! ;)

Recently at a screening – set up by Kunstblock at Acud – of Oliver Ressler’s doc ( link ) on Le ZAD struggles in France ( and everywhere ! #ZADpartout ) , John Jordan and other inhabitants of ZAD, explain in the interviews that we must embody both a YES and a NO ! If we JUST create our alternative little cultures and commune-like territories, but do not resist the systems which are devastating the planet ( and our homes ), we will lose everything ! In this case, a project and a movement were designed to stop the construction of a new unnecessary airport ( which succeeded ! ) AND to experiment with building new ( and old )  forms of collective autonomy in the midst of a rabid neoliberal state. They are still under siege, but they are surviving after weeks of brutal repression from a decrepit old state with no tenable ideas for our communal and interlinked future and well-being ! Read a fresh + militantly poetic update – June 13th -  on the ZAD at Earth First Journal.


HERE in Btropolis : There is precious little time left to defend this city against the threat of an insidious transformation ! A force which is pushing out low-income, working class and vulnerable migrant communities from their homes ! And an invasive system enhanced and accelerated by new technological infrastructure / disruption, is rapidly expanding the financialization and krapitalization of every social interaction and every minutiae of our existence in the city !

None of us can really fully grasp or predict what it means that a slithery corporate Goo from Silicon Valley is now attempting to lay its little serpent’s egg on one little corner of Kreuzberg district, but NOW is the time to find as many meaningful convergence points to RESIST as possible ! Sure, this Goo campus is just one factor of these imposing, non-democratic and yes, techno-fascistic changes … both symbolic and tangible…  that brings with it a whole malady of schemes, parasites and carpet baggers.

Today, there are a number of community + Kiez groups ( i.e. Gloreiche Nachbarschaft, Bizim Kiez, Lause Bleibt, etc, ) banding together to organize a creative ( and permitted ) demonstration !

Kick The Google Out of The Kiez !

Your presence, your vigilance, your numbers are absolutely REQUIRED ! BE THERE ! TODAY, JUNE 14 – 20:00h … And spread the news !


< June 14> Kick Google Out of Kreuzberg -  ( Fb Invite ) – at the Umspannwerk, 20h

The YES’s + The No’s

Today is also the beginning of Make City- Berlin…

Berlin’s first Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives, bringing together architects, planners, civic groups and developers in a citywide conversation on thinking and making city differently.

This will undoubtedly require some critical analysis, but which also bring together people who have the power to initiate and implement new strategies for the city. If their strategies contain no elements of protecting the most vulnerable of our city, then we must remind them that we will fight for everyone’s rights to the city ! In other words, they must also embody the NO… or it will be in the same vein as all the other unsustainable developments that are driven by krapitalst expansion, exclusion, exploitation and displacement !

< June 14 – July 1 > Make City- Berlin, at multiple locations

Watch This!  Make City On Vimeo

And coming soon, a report from yesterday’s 5.Mieterforum Pankow, with radical outside-the-krapitalist-box social thinkers like Andrej Holm and projects like Stadt Von Unten. It’s complicated… But DOABLE ! … was the vibe … and the praxis !




XLterrestrials are not so easily pinned to a capitalist vs. anti-capitalist dichotomy, nor the endless factions of marxist and ecomomics analysis, but in regards to the Wohnungsfrage ( Engels )… these perspectives are currently leaping off the page and INTO THE STREETS !

How a city deals with housing rights and protection of renters, is at the root of our immediate crises and must be at the center of our strategies to resist and rethink all future ( urban+rural+technological ) development !

to be cont.

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