XLT Summer Radar: Turn up the HEAT ! v.2


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Upcoming Things…

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< June 7 -10 > Berlin Punk Fest, So36 / Wild at Heart / Cassiopeia

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On the gentrification front, things are definitely accelerating … and heating up… it is THE Btropolis HOT TOPIC… and it is not unlike a war for the future of the city… Nevermind the blockchains, singularity conferences – opportunists of the great dismal disruptions, nor the Berlin Biennale window dressings on your art grave…


Fresh pic from Rechenberger kiez in Kreuzberg… Tenants are informing in the streets… This is Ground Zero for the tech start-up tsunami-carpet-baggers coming to set up corporate shop on top of the rich social fabrics of an already vibrant creative neighborhood. This is only a few blocks away from where the Google Campus wants to move in and “incubate” the new tech industries… and capture the productivity! This is NOT anything remotely resembling a “share economy” nor human intelligence. Silicon Valley is out to grab control, maximize profits, and monopolize the fields ! If they have their way you will soon be living on THEIR digital cult plantations, the smart cities, where every consumer is a sucker and a product in their panopticon pocket ! It is very Anti-future for all of us !

The XLterrestrials might suggest that NOW is the time to dig in the community heels, prepare for the invasion, subvert the gameplan, and develop a counter-vision for how we want to live a sustainable commons-based culture, where opportunies for all to flourish is the goal.

Keep an eye out for coming events on these issues, get engaged, and start to imagine how creative community worlds will turn the tide, and sprout some better possible worlds for all the wild organisms.

Wir Bleiben Alle ! We Are All Staying !

< June 13 > 5. Mieterforum Pankow at Wabe ( Fb invite )

< June 14> Kick Google Out of Kreuzberg ( Fb Invite )

< June 22/23 > Laboratory: Claiming Common Spaces at Hau

etc etc, etc…. and, and, and…

more to come !

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