Anthroposcreens v.3 : Challenging the Property Regime !



Challenging the Property Regime !

NINE houses were occupied in Btropolis yesterday for the #Karnevalderbesetzen Actions ! see also : #Besetzen … and links below ( more coming soon  )

There is a housing crises in most cities around the world, because there is a global-scale neoliberalism crisis ! Because capitalism – already in most cases a deadly game of Crones -  gets increasingly corrupt without meaningful checks and balances, and is turning into something else. Btw, the new subject of a forthcoming book by McKenzie Wark based on an essay he wrote in 2017 ( pay-walled link coming ). And something that was pointed out by Brian Holmes and Claire Pentecost in their Anthropocene Seminar ( link coming ) in 2017, laying out the terrifying new parameters of digitalized high-speed financial trading.

The XLterrestrials have been calling it “corporate krapitalism” ( because it is much different than previous capitalist methods and possibilities )  in which predatory mafia-like structures and power plays plus new technologies take hold.

Whether or not you agree with that analysis, we think it’s pretty undeniable to say whatever democracy, socialism, and social justice we had are in the big picture of things shrinking rapidly everywhere on the planet. And none of these systems were based on anything to do with sustainability, so now that the instabilities ( and anticipated crashes ) are rampant, the whole operating system is squeezing in on itself, imploding. And already the social conditions and discontent of the 99% are ripe for exploding.

According to some sources, Btropolis ranked the highest city for market real estate and/or rent increases in 2017, as though it wishes ( or is forced ) to catch up to the neoliberal frenzies already wreaking havoc in various power centers like London, New York, San Fran, etc…

To challenge the property regime, is perhaps one of the most logical actions for communities attempting to defend themselves in this storm.

This is happenign in Btropolis, because the social ties and the informed left, which exist here, have not been obliterated.

to be cont…

Meanwhile, some resources for the news on housing occupations here: ( eng ) ( eng )

The list of occupatons as on May 20 ( many alread evicted, some were apparently temporary and symbolic ) :

Odenwaldstraße / Ecke Stubenrauchstraße (Steglitz) #OdenEckeStuben?Finowstraße / Ecke Frankfurter Allee (Friedrichshain) #EckeFinow?Bornsdorfer Straße 37b (Neukölln) #Borni?Reichenberger Straße 114 (Kreuzberg) #Friedel54 im Exil?Petersburger Straße 16 (Friedrichshain) #Peter16?Arndtstraße 13 (Kreuzberg) #Arndt13?Regattastr. 277 (Grünau) #Funkwerk?Rummelsburger Landstraße #Bootsschuppen?Karl-Marx-Straße 145 (Neukölln) #KMS145


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