The Beach Beneath The Anthroposcreens – v.2 –


- A Preview -

We are working on an analysis of Bruno’s astounding Anthropocene Lecture on May 4th at HKW, which has been programming on this theme since 2012… Six years ! There’s alot to process ! :)

Audio archive of his lecture ( in Eng ), which begins with HKW director Bernd Scherer’s intro ( in De ) already available HERE, Thx to Voice Republic ( Free, but a log-in required )

- under construction -

In the meantime, here are some excellent Latour primers, to understand his latest work, his orientation, and strategic thinking to address the “New Climate Regime” – something the XLterrestrials would prefer to deconstruct ( or obstruct ) more forcefully by naming it an intentional + accelerating “Techno-fascism”… NOT as a form of denial ( as many are misinterpreting and/or spinning), but as Latour¬† suggests, a declaring of war ! …

For a Terrestrial Politics An interview with Bruno Latour ( Public Seminar ) – Feb, 2018

The Critical Zone of Science and Politics: An Interview with Bruno Latour ( LA Review of Books ) – Feb 2018

UFO Follies, interview / vimeo clip, 2011

and the XLT’s 1st encounter with Latour in 1999 at Ars Electronica’s “Life Science”- as he tries to mediate ( or be a legislator ) between the biotech business, art spectacle players, scientists and activists.

and finally, Bruno Latour : Occupy Earth – McKenzie Wark’s analysis of “Facing Gaia” for Verso blog, which may have bypassed the elements that make it useful…

We’ll have to try and revisit some of these inputs, in our own essay.

to be cont. !

AND, for what it’s worth, the XLterrestrials asked Bruno Latour Friday night to sign the petition ( i.e. get more involved ! ) to stop the state’s destruction of the #ZAD… We said we absolutely needed more * ART PROJECTS * like ZAD to find solutions beyond the TECHNO-FASCIST fixers of the ecological and socio-political environment ( or in his terms… “the critical zone” ).

Fortunately, Latour himself did mention La ZAD, quite positively… 5 minutes into his talk… but we tried to get him to elaborate before the close of the conversation. Rather than respond to the question of the ZAD ( as a necessary critical resistance art form ),¬† he indirectly addressed the “techno-fascism”… by saying technology would not serve a fix, rather it expands the political questions into even more complexity.

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