The Beach Beneath The Anthroposcreens – v.1 –


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< May 24 > CiTiZEN KiNO #72/73 : The Beach Beneath The Anthropo-screens ! … at Regenbogenfabrik, Lausitzerstr.22, Kreuzberg, 20:00h

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A mix of many of our usual topics:, but recombined with current events and realtime eruptions for maximum effect : Anthropocene, Technosphere, Situationists, ZAD, Urban Zads, Hambacher Forest, The Commons, The Anti-Commonists, #Besetzen, Occupy, Bruno Latour ( speaking at HKW on May 4th ), Mckenzie Wark ( The Beach Beneath the Street ), and excerpts from Jordan Brown’s new film “Stare Into The Lights, My Pretties”, etc…

Happy and Engaged May Days !

::: Update ::::

XLterrestrials present:

It’s the 50th anniversary of May 68 ! Student revolt and a general strike
erupted ( initially in France ), and widespread discontent gave rise to one of the most *orgasmic* political events of the 20th century. With ripples and
shockwaves, actions, sentiments and many poetic + pragmatic
revolutionary manifestations became a nearly global-wide scream for
Another Possible World !

” Sous les pav├ęs, la plage ! -
Beneath the cobblestones, the beach! ” – agitprop /grafitti in France

This Double-Feature episode of C-KiNO gathers both historical views (
archival ) and realtime evidence ( current media ) of another volcanic
potency spreading today. Only now, the contexts seem even more urgent
and volatile than before. In the dark grip of the Anthropocene crisis,
i.e. scientific analysis + theory which reveals a highly likely – if not
guaranteed – total environmental collapse in the absence of a radical
reformatting of social organization, we look for revolutionary
strategies that might lead us out of a calamitous cul de sac.

We screen a mix of materials to discuss, from the creative La ZAD resistance in
France to the new fights against the “cybernetic regimes” ( Spectacle
2.0 ) like FuckoffGoogle ! Standby for a possible playlist.

Beneath the Anthroposcreens, the breach !”

Accompanying analysis of Bruno Latour’s Anthropocene lecture ( and a quick look at his latest books Facing Gaia + Das Terrestriche Manifest ) at HKW in Berlin on May 4th, coming soon ( in Part 2 ) !


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