Xlt reports from Jihlava (an intro)



One of the 12th Jihvala doc festival themes this year is about going beneath the surface, a way of using film to x-ray, penetrate or unveil its subjects and reveal their (often hidden and/or dangerous) contents…

Much material for one of our key angles for XLt analysis: humans caught and transformed in the scanner of the mass media frenzy…

For us, as we develop new themes and tactical responses to its often fragmenting, disfiguring and disembodying assault…



New insights arise into our “Transmigration Of Cinema” (project series and social behaviours): that possible end-cycle/end-game of moving through life as captured and projected frames.

And in renewal and relocating : a camera obscura culture can be inverted… The magic of Pressing Record (* <), which in its exploited and colonized developments became the dark medium of uploading psychomedia compounds, containers and directive codes (>*). Now the object (of resistance) becomes the magic of Projecting Play ) > (.

Xlt reports + analysis coming soon

)) + ((

[ Images above: 1. from the East Silver 2008 Catalogue 2. from the work of Antoine d'Agata 3. from Eric Rondepierre ]

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