The World Wide Wormy Web v.1++


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With all the news spilling out about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and social media … and the net in general… the conversations about where we are now in the webbed world are getting a bit more invested. While there’s a good stir now about whether or not to #DeleteFacebook ( and even good arguments for not abandoning the mainstream platforms to the wolves ) … but suddenly people are beginning to ask much deeper questions about the full  spectrum of our technological entanglements.

Well, the XLterrestrials have a few thoughts…

The World Wide Wormy Web – v.1

In our work on deep media analysis, we have for some time now begun to perceive ( the new ) Mass Media as more a loaded weapon than a social tool … It is NOT essential to smart living and intelligent communities, or quality of life… It IS essential to the expanding hegemony, globalization profiteers and the desire of the .01% to shape and control their subjects and domains… People have been more or less dumpster-diving in the military industrial complex ( at least since the cybernetic inventions ) and hoping for some positive outcome, to come out ahead, to progress … We aren’t !

We are very possibly a society devolving through the machines, and we are losing everything about what it means to be a poetic magical human, (semi-)intelligent organisms on planet earth…

We probably need to find a way NOW to detox from the mediated corporate mousetraps, before it’s too late ! … Maybe it’s  an incorrect analysis, but we feel the urgency to try and find new strategies… because it doesn’t feel like we will win enough benefits or leverage to reclaim living our embodied lives from digging deeper tunnels in these cybernetic containers… Are they our “smarter prisons” ?

Aside from the pretty ridiculous early libertarian evangelists ( who thought the *digital revolution* could make big leaps for humankind and sort itself out via enterprising free spirits without regulation, governance, checks and balances, consensus democracies, and meaningful opposition to corporate-crapitalism, etc. ) … maybe there once was a genuine hope from clear-thinking, good techs and good people that the interconnected, high-wired being would bring good things to life. But that’s increasingly unlikely when we are up to our necks in a kraptastic endgame, where those with the biggest weapons ( achieved through 100s of years of colonial plunder, slave labor, sweatshop labor, and war profiteers, all ongoing ! )  have clearly no intent to solve the massive problems that corporate high tech unleashes with all its asymmetric firepower, ecological dead-ends, its disingenuous and IPO’d promises, and its outright psychopathic indifference … and all their blatant m*therf*ckn LIES.

While the technotopians are mostly somewhere in the clouds dreaming a misguided wishlist – from self-driving flying cars to 24/7 networked access to everything digi-singularian-itized – the new ghetto-ized people in the over-webbed world will get the possibilities to print family fotos on slices of cheese ;) and/or Frackybook probed !

This is NOT an anti-tech or purist stance, we will continue to work with and develop and promote any technologies necessary to any given situation…

BUT it is a call to really think + dream + resist different NOW ! Time is of the essence !


“Alot of white people are either furious or mildly upset about having their data breached, and then dare to deactivate one of their social media routines. Meanwhile mass mediation, big data and the entire internet infrastructures continue to suck out the value of everything, disrupting whatever’s ripe for the endgame plucking, destabilize whole colonies and the over-developed nations alike, and are creating a few more bunkering billionaires who are now buying property in new zealand… what’s wrong with this picture ? ”

XLT analyst


to be cont.


IF you’re in Btropolis, there’s many exciting events that pertain to this discussion…

TWO in particular, a screening of Jordan Brown’s new feature length doc – Stare Into The Light, My Pretties – at CRCL in Neukoelln … and The Anti-Google Cafe’s topic discussion on “smarter prisons” in Kreuzberg …

( See the XLT Radar post for more event details )

Jordan’s a *copyleft* media maker… so you can watch + download  the film(s) here:

BUT, the XLT recommend NOT staying in your cubicle and staring at the screens, but joining the public screening(s) and discussion afterwards !!

( We are currently working on an article about this work )


Just another day in the world wide wormy web… designed for plunder, control and data suck :


p.s. Oh, btw, For what it’s worth… XLterrestrials are now on Mastadon at:

Figuring out the “federation”-ropes … and looking for comrades there… come say hello !

to be cont. v.2

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