REally Really Free Markets Now ( Dolores Park)

If ever there was a rhizome ready to sprout everywhere… THE REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET, ready for DIY franchising NOW !! Try ONE in YOur Neighborhood TODAY !!! … And if you live near DOLORES PARK…

Btw: anybody checking the hits on RRFM at wikipedia?? Bet this one’s gonna explode over the next weeks… Spread The Word!

For more backround on Kirsten Brydum read her Memorial Page or Podopolog #1419 or at Indybay.

Kirsten Brydum 1983-2008

Murdered in the 9th ward in NOLA.

” Blame the “necro-economicon” of neo-liberal fuckheads, who are STILL leaving the people of New Orleans to drown in the unnatural disasters, homelessness, poverty and crime. And change The System NOW ! “

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