TOC v. 3.0 : Sure there’s Sex + Violence in your media soup, but where’s the erotic revolutionary uploads!??

We had a very informal meeting of XL Terrestrials at one of our undisclosed caffeinating locations today to discuss TOC v.3.O. That’s “Transmigration Of Cinema” for all you slackheads just tuning in… Welcome! Slackers (yes, “praise slack!” even in 2007, minus the xtra retro-cheese and quite possibly all that [se]x-ist wanking ! ) situationists, cacaphonists, jammers, media contortionists and escape artists, future re-writin hacklabbers, and sustainability/realtime tinkerers are all a part of our color palette and calling. So if you have a moment, try this latest version on for size and let us know if you think the XLT Organism can help you bear fruit and proper arms in these troubled times:

But really, in all further seriousness and surgical psychoanalytic urgency…

Recently the Goethe Institute presented its 12th Berlin and Beyond Film Festival in San Francisco, featuring a good number of violent films, which warranted some discussion and auseinandersetzung, and so it was, they were like any deep-thinking cultural Org, prepared to have a panel to attempt analysis in regards to “Violence in Film”. A sign of affinity with our TOC, which strives for Next Level media+materializing engagement, cause just watching aint going to cut it. The times are calling for more participation and the multitudes to get a grasp on the code that’s going into our collective operating system. And we think we’ve uncovered another crucial key to the mass media dilemma.

So while doing a little research ( read : lite surf inbetween a super-collider of tasks for upcoming XLT tour ) into the topic of “media impact”, there certainly is a lot of droll and troll, oodles of overweighted ol’ school pulp, and plenty of neo-con and cointel-style disinfo on the subject. For our purposes it just seems an idiotic and tediously academic dragging of 800-pound gorillas from room to room, if one spends Any time to debate on what scales media has impact on our society. Media is The F*cking Logos of our hijacked generations.

With that said, we came across a curious article that while slightly more up-to-bandwidth still illuminates the states of oblivion in the discourse here. Andrew O’Hehir’s piece for Salon, which is by start-up default a breeding ground for the Rupert Pupkin School of Journalism ( long story , but 4 now just think: IV-drip sensationalism or Scorcese’s re-animated Travis Bickle in the realm of “Amusing Ourselves To Death” ) is provokingly titled “The Myth of Media Violence”.

If you’ve ever come across Negativeland’s crucifix mash-up “Mashin of The Christ”, which in response to Mel Gibson’s religiously-capitalizing splatter fest ingeniuosly pre-empts all the throbbing born-again revival space the film generated, by cutting to the chase, by overlaying one of their cruise-logic missles: one lyric, “Christianity is stupid “, dropped matter-of-fact-flat on top of dozens of bloody crucifiction clips montaged. And that’s all we need. We can move on now, no need to look back at THat 2000 year train wreck of drawn-out human suckerdom.

Well yes and No… if only subversive Google/U-tube/p2p clips could also be administered like daily sacraments from kindergarten til adulthood til death-do-us-part… Hah! And Google-God forbid ! Yes, here is the seed of the new original mindf*k we are prepared to detourn before your very eyes. To start : more media will not decontaminate The Media.

But lets back up a moment and attempt to deal with the Violence In Media theme, and we’ll come back to the decrypted code of the labyrinths…

O’Hehir’s article begins with that liberating aknowledgement that kids will be kids playing “Grand Theft Auto”, where receiving virtual inductions to rape, murder and plunder on the mean streets of post-apocalypse every-town is playtime. And that we must beware the political and moral grandstanding by the likes of Hilary Clinton and the granny brigades who would curtail our fun. The real subtext here is : Beware the wags who just can’t get hip to profit-driven new media start-ups (that would sell kids crack door-to-door if governments hadn’t already cornered the market). Well in short, they may have devised the game-playing joy-stick equivalent, but nevermind that…lets push that freedom angle all the way to the bank! Ready kids!?
The article lengthily takes apart all the questionable psychological studies as to whether or not media violence begets violence, without ever getting to the crux of the matter: that whether or not such free market poetry puts a gun-idea directly in a teenager’s hands or mouth, it obviously abounds in sheer exploitative and nauseating possibilities.

But no this is liberal media speaking to the star-spangled and techno-dangled choir, and it’s far more hip to attack the conservative dumb-ass ventriloquist-politician routines, more hip to further freedom binging, then to question the immoral marketplace and the responsibilities/accountability of all its rot-gut addicts and pushers.

The fact is it’s as stupid as that Christianity loop we spoke of earlier. And the argument is not about “fantasy” vs. censorship, but the rules and parameters by which society became so self-debasing on such a grand scale.

Our measuring stick these days ( after briefly dipping into the fascinating “PsychoActive” work of Derrick Jensen, author of Endgame, who has lived on an Indian reservation ) is to put these things into context of some non- or pre-western civilizations resembling some sort of peace and calm and holistic approach to life. Not as any nostalgic or romanticist excercise, but merely to get a grip on just how manic and self-destructive the shit’s becoming in the post-modern late-capital Hell. Imagine for a moment, a Hopi Indian or Balinese child playing a video shoot-em-up war game and you will have no hesitation in your mind about who is criminally insane… the adults who gave it to them. No need to even consider for a second the psychology of what impact it will have. No, you will likely imagine either an immediate cease-and-desist action from the community or an eventual violent expulsion of the perpetrators. Well, maybe not so violent, but at the very least we should fantasize, right ?!

Well, still haven’t fully deconstructed the Salon article and still need to come back to those films at the Goethe festival, Der Kick, Combat Sixteen, Knallhard, The Short Life of Antonio Guiterrez, etc. And how it all relates to TOC v.3…
to be cont.

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